2019 Future of Female Leadership

Year 12 School Captain Princess Zahab, Year 11 Class Captain Nada Khaled and SRC Tia Saad alongside SRC coordinator Miss Baker represented Al Amanah College amongst the 50 student leaders who were exclusively invited to attend the 2019 Future of Female Leadership program. The students were selected from hundreds of females across the state based on their thoughtful, creative and impressive biography submission.

The Future of Female Leadership lunch was a unique initiative by Orbispace which offered the students an opportunity in collaborating with innovative and entrepreneurial women in various leadership positions. The initiative included an introductory session and an official welcome from Jobs for NSW and a tour of the Sydney Startup Hub. This was preceded by the students gaining an insight into Australia’s leading corporates in a series of presentations about innovation and female leadership in various business fields. Students were engaged and took part in a mindfulness coaching session with former Silicon Valley corporate Leader Julie Demsey. The most anticipated event of the evening included a one-on-one fully catered style lunch which provided the females students connecting young women with Australian’s leading female innovators.

To conclude the day’s event a strong message by leading entrepreneur Jackie Owens stated that ‘according to current statistics that female leaders have the ability to change the corporate world through their innovative and creative skills.’

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