Mock Fire Drill

A mock fire drill was conducted today, Thursday 6 April 2017 at Al Amanah College – Liverpool Campus with students and staff taking part. The aim of the mock fire drill is to raise awareness among students and staff on how to respond swiftly in times of such emergencies. It is also to ensure our evacuation procedures were known and understood by staff and students.

With so many new students and staff this is an important lesson. At least two fire drills are conducted each year. An emergency such as a fire is signalled by a siren or a continuous ringing of the school bell or fire alarm. On the alarm, each teacher with a class marshalled pupils out of the room and proceeded by the safest direct route to the allocated area and line up in class groups.

All classes went to the council’s park across the school on Speed Street playground and assembled in Home Class groups. Student rolls were then checked by their Home Class Teacher.

Fire wardens are responsible for checking each building prior to going to the evacuation areas. After each fire drill a review is conducted to see where the evacuation procedure can be improved.

In the event of a fire at Lunchtime or Recess, everyone is to assemble in the same areas. Naturally for a Lockdown the procedure is different and drills for this will also be conducted during the year.

Congratulation to everyone on their best effort so far.

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