Primary School SRC Induction Ceremony 2017 – Liverpool Campus

Al Amanah College has taken pride in providing our student representative leaders an opportunity to enhance their skills and develop as admirable representatives of our school.

On Thursday 2nd of March Al Amanah community came together for the 2017 SRC induction ceremony which was held in the grand hall. The SRC Induction Ceremony was hosted to acknowledge students who have been selected by their peers as members of the Student Representative Council for 2017. Parents and family members were welcomed to share this wonderful and exciting occasion to celebrate their children’s achievement.

The ceremony began with a beautiful recitation of few verses from the Holy the holy Quran by a year 5 student – Noor Al Kasem. The school’s principal Mr Ayman Alwan congratulated and welcomed the students who were elected for SRC, informing them of their role in working collaboratively with the school to improve our school for the better. Mr Muhammad Halabi then addressed the audience providing them with an insightful lesson on the importance of being a pious leader and the benefits of the following the teachings of Al Amanah college. An introduction and a short speech were made by Ms Sahyouni and the SRC coordinators; Ms El Sabeh and Mrs Alterio. The student captains were then welcomed onto the stage and were greeted by Mr Alwan who proudly handed the prestigious badges to the class and school captains. To end the ceremony, the 2017 school captains Samira Eid and Hadi Tabbara presented memorable speeches which highlighted their goals as leaders of the primary school. At the end, parents and students came together to enjoy refreshments.

Our SRCs are highly motivated to begin 2017 with the skills and knowledge they have acquired over the years at Al Amanah College. We congratulate the following students on obtaining a highly respected position within Al Amanah College.

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