Secondary School SRC Induction Ceremony 2017

Secondary School SRC Induction Ceremony – 2017

The 2017 Al Amanah College Secondary School SRC Induction Ceremony was held on Tuesday the 28th of February, in the School’s Grand Hall. The Induction ceremony was officially opened by the newly elected year 11 Captains Abdullah Rajab and Talia Saad. The presentation began with a beautiful recitation of the verses from the holy Qur’an by Abdulahi Mohamed. It was a ceremony dedicated to acknowledging the 42 students who have been elected by their teachers and peers. These students will be effectively representing their respective cohort by communicating their diverse needs and demonstrating their leadership and communication skills within the school and wider community.

To further emphasize the importance of leadership skills, the school Principal Mr Ayman Alwan acknowledged and congratulated the newly elected SRC members who will be working collaboratively with the school in initiating changes for the betterment of the school and the wider community. This was followed by enlightening religious lesson presented by the school’s Imam- Sheikh Amr Alshelh, whereby he focused on the importance of continuously obtaining religious knowledge and to remain humble in obtaining a position in the SRC. This was followed by the year 12-school captains who each gave an insightful speech about the significance of upholding the school core values through their newly appointed leadership positions. The year 12- Girl school captain Sara Kahil provided a heartwarming speech in the Arabic language, in which she focused on the role and values of women in Islam through the examples of honorable and pious Islamic women figures. Whereas, Yusuf Abdullah’s speech encompassed the implementation of Al Amanah core values of Integrity, Compassion, Wisdom, Work Ethic, Positivity and Commitment by the SRC and the students as a whole. In addition, a short video projection highlighting some of Al Amanah’s SRC achievements over the past year was also presented.

The ceremony ended with students being officially inaugurated into the SRC by receiving their prestigious badges. The following students must be congratulated on their achievement of obtaining a prominent position within the most respected school student society and most importantly in becoming a leader of the school and wider community.

Year 7 Boys:

  • Zakaria Kandakji – Captain
  • Mohamed Mhimid – Vice Captain
  • Mohammed Husseini – SRC

Year 7 Girls:

  • Shorooq Khashahneh – Captain
  • Sara Alaany – Vice Captain
  • Javairya Rajpoutbhatti – SRC

7 M

  • Fatima Azzahara – Captain
  • Fawzi Abu Swireh – Vice Captain
  • Ahmad Sultan – SRC

Year 8 Girls

  • Malak Kabbout– Captain
  • Nourel Houda Al Hafedh – Vice Captain
  • Heba El Saj – SRC

Year 8 Boys

  • Muhammad Alwan– Captain
  • Ahmad Massalkhi– Vice Captain
  • Ibrahim El Sayed – SRC

Year 8 M

  • Aiyah Marabani – Captain
  • Adam Chahine – Vice Captain
  • Rossel Al Obeidi – SRC

Year 9 Boys

  • Houssam Jamous – Captain
  • Abdullah Qadri Rajpoutbhatti – Vice Captain
  • Muhammad El Mazloum – SRC

Year 9 M

  • Danna Rajab – Captain
  • Tia Saad – Vice Captain
  • Mariam Abdallah – SRC

Year 10 Boys

  • Shadi Khazaal – Captain
  • Abdullahi Mohamed – Vice Captain
  • Gazi Baltaji– SRC

Year 10 Girls

  • Princess Zahab – Captain
  • Batoul Chams – Vice Captain
  • Zaara Mazhar – SRC

Year 11 Boys

  • Abdullah Rajab – Captain
  • Yusuf Sabbagh – Vice Captain
  • Yusuf Bebti– SRC

Year 11 Girls

  • Talia Saad – Captain
  • Henad Hage-Obeid – Vice Captain
  • Banine Alfartose– SRC

Year 12 Boys

  • Yusuf Abdullah – School Captain
  • Mahmoud El Saj – Vice Captain
  • Mohamad Srour– SRC

Year 12 Girls

  • Sara Kahil – School Captain
  • Rouwayda Saad– Vice Captain
  • Sarah Baltaji – SRC

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