Al Amanah Leaders and Mentors Camp December 2019

As part of the national chaplaincy programme, Al Amanah College held its leaders and mentors camp for its fourth year in row, the camp took place at cataract scout park between Saturday 7 December and Tuesday 10 December 2019. Year 9, 10 and 12 students attended the Leaders and Mentors Camp at Cataract Scout Park with the school Imam Sheikh Amr Alshelh, the school’s PE teacher Mr Mohammed Taiba, Canteen staff, a parent helper Mr Abdallah and two ex-graduates Shadi Khazaal and Muhammad Hazarvi as helpers.

The camp was based on a new initiative implemented by the school’s Imam in order to educate and instil Islamic ethics and manners in order to provide the foundation to build a stronger cohort of leaders amongst the school and wider community.

The camp involved the students undertaking approximately two sessions of religious lectures per day in the area of the personal obligatory knowledge. Each session was closely followed by an individual study session whereby each student was asked to revise what they had learnt from each lecture. In addition, students were given an opportunity to learn, and grow into a team that looks towards bettering the Australian Muslim community into the future. The camp involved many different learning activities including team-bonding and leadership skill sessions, which were complemented by participating and enduring the challenging Giant Swing and rock-climbing outdoor activities.

The leaders and mentors camp will remain one of the most remarkable memories for all the students, they all grew closer to one another and developed a special bond during moments such as the Islamic lectures, feasts, prayer, night walks, late night talks and various activities. We would like to thank the school’s Imam Sheikh Alshelh for organising this camp and a special thanks to all teachers and volunteer helpers who made camp feel like home by providing the students with the support they needed.

We ask Allah to strengthen us and to protect our children and enable them to spread the true knowledge of Islam, in a peaceful and harmonious way.

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