Annual Ramadan Competition Celebration

On Monday 3 June 2019, Al Amanah secondary school students celebrated the glorious month of Ramadan which commemorates a month fasting and practising many acts of Obedience in this blessed month.

The Ramadan celebration was marked with a beautiful recitation from the Holy Qur’an from a talented year 10 student Muhammad Ayman Alwan. This was preceded with the school principal Mr Ayman Alwan’s recognition of Ramadan being a blessed month that should be dedicated to performing many acts of obedience and gaining rewards for the sake of Allah.

Year 11 student Muhammad Salim Alwan provided an insightful Islamic lesson about the blessing of the Laylat al Qadr (The Night of Greatness). He emphasised the meaning of every verse in Surat Al Qadr and how the night is full of safety, goodness and blessings for the obedient believer until the dawn-break. It was a beautiful and enlightening Islamic lesson.

The most anticipated event of the evening was the announcements of the Ramadan Competition for memorisation of the Quran and the beliefs and integrals of fasting. The competition was split into two main components including the major and minor competition. The winners of the minor competition included Maysa El Masri, Ahmad Dafalla, Adam Khashashneh, Ahmad El-Saj, Nour Al Kasem, Omar Alwan, Hassan Ibrahim, Mohamad El Masri, Zakaria Abdallah, Abu Bakar Abdullah, Ibrahim El Sayed, Shams Khashashneh and Fatima El Cheikh and each winner was presented with $20.

The top 5 place winners of the major competition included:

1st prize – Muhammad Salim Alwan

2nd Place – Alae Jamous

3rd Place – Muhammad Ayman Alwan

Equal 4th Place – Bilal El Omari and Halima El Zahab

5th place - Shorooq Khashashneh

This was preceded by year 12 student and school Captain Princess Zahab announcing the highly anticipated best Ramadan poster competition, best dressed competition, and the best decorated classroom competition. Congratulations to the all the award recipients and everyone who participated in the various competitions.

Wishing everyone and their families an Eid Al Fitr Mubarak insha’Allah!

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