Arabic Poetry Competition 2019

Al Amanah College - Liverpool campus held its Fourth annual Arabic Poetry Competition on Wednesday 30 October 2019 for grades Four, Five and Six. The occasion was marked with a beautiful recitation from the Holy Qur’an by Muhammad Khan a year 6 student. This was preceded with the School’s principal address, Mr Ayman Alwan who spoke about the importance of this competition and the importance of following and implementing the teachings of our Master prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Mr Alwan also welcomed all parents who attended and thanked for their support.

The competition focused on speaking emotively to entertain an audience. The Eighteen participants spoke poetically and impressed the judges with their abilities and their fluency. The selected 18 students recited beautiful poems of our beloved Prophet Muhammad; may peace be upon him. We were very proud of our students because the recitations were heartfelt and filled with emotions.

The judges had a hard time choosing the best poetry presenters from the three grades. After a short deliberation the champion presenters in each class were:

Year Six

1. Noor Mouslemani
2. Bakr El-Zahab
3. Mariam Mallah

Year Five

1. Lana Awad
2. Ruqayah El Omari
3. Iman Rifi

Year four

1. Lamar Eid
2. Nour Kfoury
3. Mohammed Kassem

Thank you to all teachers, judges and students for a wonderful event! A special thank you to all the Religion and Arabic department for their hard work for organising the competition.

Congratulations to all students for their hard work in preparing their poems and presenting themselves so well with confidence.

We like to extend our thanks to parents who attended the occasion, as their support and presence is highly motivating to students.

Even though Nine winners were chosen, all participants are winners for being selected to participate in the event. The competitors showed superb sportsmanship with great enthusiasm.

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