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SRC Induction Ceremony – 2020

The 2020 Al Amanah College – Liverpool Campus SRC Induction Ceremony was held on Friday 28 February, in the school’s Grand Hall. The induction ceremony was officially opened by the MCs and the newly elected Y11 Captains Sabrina Kfoury and Iyad Mohammed. The ceremony began with a beautiful recitation of some verses from the holy Qur’an by the year 6 class vice-captain - Zaara Yasir. This Induction Ceremony is dedicated to acknowledging the newly elected students who will be representing their respective cohort and advocating for the diverse needs of the school community. To further emphasise the importance of leadership skills, the college Principal Mr. Ayman Alwan acknowledged and congratulated the newly elected SRC members and encouraged them to work collaboratively with their peers at school by initiating changes to serve the school and the wider community. Mr Alwan officially welcomed Miss Al Amiri, the newest member to the Secondary School SRC coordination team, and the returning member Mrs Alterio. Furthermore, Mr Alwan thanked Mr Jamleoui for his involvement and input to the SRC body during 2019. Mr Alwan also acknowledged Miss Baker for her efforts as she has worked tirelessly over the past 9 years as an SRC coordinator and made significant enhancements to ensure the SRC was a successful student body. Mr Alwan then presented Miss Baker with a token of appreciation on behalf of the Secondary School team. This was followed by an enlightening religious advice presented by the secondary school’s boys Captain Muhammad Salim Alwan, whereby he focused on the importance for all students to uphold the Islamic ethics and manners and to fear Allah. He articulated a special message to SRC students that the leadership badge is a special reminder to be a role model to their fellow peers by advocating self-discipline and to treat…
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The Principal Senior Student Parent Breakfast

The Principal Senior Student Parent breakfast was held on Wednesday 26 February in the Grand Hall at Al Amanah College, Liverpool campus. The event was attended by a pleasing number of parents and caregivers who had an opportunity to learn more about new initiatives undertaken in the senior school to facilitate quality learning and achievement by students in Year 11 and the HSC. The School’s Principal Mr Alwan emphasised on the vital role of ongoing two-way communication between the school and parents to ensure senior students pursue their academic goals consistently throughout both the years of studies in the Stage 6 course. Parents were encouraged to be actively involved in communicating with the executive staff and every subject teacher of their children using medium of communications such as email, class dojo, Igloo and phones so that parents are empowered to take a more active role in their child’s attainments. Attendees were also delighted to learn about the scholarship program to be offered to the 5 top high achieving students from the 2020 Year 11 cohort. The scholarship program has become an annual program as of 2018 academic year. High School Coordinator Mrs. Lubaba Dabboussi and Curriculum Coordinator Mrs Kassem shared their vision on encouraging students to practice goals-oriented study habits while being reflective on targets and striving maximise the use of time for academic pursuits. Senior students are also encouraged to use data to inform themselves of the effectiveness of their study regime. The executive staff and teachers look forward to build a stronger involvement of parents to maximise student success in the HSC.
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Year 10 Principal Information Session

On Tuesday 25 February 2020, Al Amanah College held a Principal Information Session for Year 10 students and their respective parents. The College principal Mr Ayman Alwan welcomed and addressed the parents and guests for attending the information session. Principal, Mr. Ayman Alwan highlighted the following key messages during the event: College expectations: Year 10 students are strongly encouraged to prioritise their academic achievements by implementing goals-oriented study plan consistently throughout the year. Parent involvement: Parents and care givers play a vital role in facilitating academic excellence of their children by consistently communicating with teachers and Al Amanah executives regarding progress achieved by students and matters relating to behaviour when they arise. Communication Modes: There are a range of platforms of communication inclusive of Class Dojo, Emails, SMS, pre-arranged face to face meetings and the use of phone calls are existing methods of communication which need to be harnessed better to ensure the best possible academic outcome of students. Igloo: Investment into Igloo a new platform of parent communication will further strengthen communication between the school and home whereby parents will be able to access real time information such as attendance records, school events such as excursion details & incursions, student timetable as well as academic records pertaining to assessment tasks and learning tasks. This was preceded by the Secondary Curriculum Coordinator Mrs Kassem who guided the students through the main sources of information needed for their academic pathway and to successfully complete their Year 10 academic studies. The students were informed about the requirements of completing all course work to a satisfactory standard, in order to meet the demands of the Year 10 Course. The Year 10 cohort were given an insight by Mrs Dabboussi about the Work Experience placements and the positive, motivational and rewarding experience that it…
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Year 10 and 12 Geography Fieldwork Excursion – Cronulla Beach

The Year 10 and 12 Geography students undertook fieldwork investigation of the coastal ecosystem at Cronulla on Monday 24 February 2020. Studies in the Year 10 Geography course requires students to undertake fieldwork investigation to apply their knowledge of geographical processes in the environment. Year 10 students are studying the forces that shape and change coastal environments such as sand dunes, beaches and headlands. The Year 12 students also investigated the biophysical interactions within the coastal environment as part of their HSC studies. They observed the natural and human impacts on the environment and the management strategies that have been implemented by the Sutherland Shire Council to reduce the risk of damage to the ecosystem. Students used techniques such as observation and recording, measurements and sketch work to gather fieldwork data on geographical processes such as erosion and deposition of sand. Students will now proceed to complete their assessment of learning using their primary data collected during the excursion. Students and teachers had a great day out at Cronulla.
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