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Secondary School Ramadan Competition 1443h – 2022

All Praise is due to Allah, the lord of the worlds and may Allah raise the rank of our master Muhammad and protect his nation from which he fears for it. To commemorate the Holy month of Ramadan the school annually holds the ‘Annual Ramadan Competition Ceremony’ to encourage all the teachers and students to participate in various competitions to celebrate the Blessed month of Ramadan. The assembly was run by School Vice-Captain Fouad Marabani who welcomed Year 11 student Omar Alwan to the stage for a beautiful Qur’an recitation. Shaykh Amr AlShelh was then introduced to the stage for an insightful religion lesson about the importance of remaining steadfast in fulfilling our religious obligation and keeping up with good deeds after the holy month of Ramadan. This year’s Ramadan competition involved memorisation of some chapters from the Holy Quran and sections of the summary of obligatory knowledge. 1st prize was awarded $100 cash, 2nd prize - $75, 3rd - $50, 4th - $40 and 5th - $35 as well as their chance to win $20. This year, the competition was very close in scores, and we had some students tie in the same position. It was lovely to see all student’s participation and enthusiasm for this year’s competition. The winners were awarded their prizes on stage with Shaykh Chadi Al-Kasem and Shaykh Amr AlShelh. Congratulations to the following winners: 1st Place: Muhammad Khan & Ruqayah El-Omari 2nd Place: Zara El-Yassir & Adam Khashashneh 3rd Place: Nour Mouselmani, Mouaad Djemana, Fawaz Jamous, Sama Khashashneh, Amar Khashashneh 4th Place: Jasmine El-Kabbout & Muhammad Kassar 5th Place: Hamsa Radwan & Rama Dannoun At the end of the ceremony, teachers and students were able to seek blessings from the hair of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings upon him). We thank the religion…
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Year 10 Mock Interviews

On Tuesday 10 May 2022, Corp-training in collaboration with Al Amanah College ran a workshop for Year 10 students by delivering a seminar which delivered valuable information and advice on how to achieve success in a first job interview. An engaging slideshow was presented advising students on what to do and what to avoid doing during their first job interview. This was closely followed by mock interviews whereby the Year 10 students were given the great opportunity to be assessed on their resume and interview skills which they have been working on their roll call sessions. The students found the seminar and interviews fun and beneficial and look forward to going through their feedback from their interviewers from Corp-training. Students were asked skills, weaknesses, what I would like to improve on, my achievements, what I know about the job, why I want this job, and some questions on my personal interests. Students saw the value of the mock interviews as they were given feedback on resumes and how to confidently apply for a job in the real world. Thank you to all the teachers, year advisors, and employees of Corp-training who took time out of their busy schedules to guide the students through this process.
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Annual Ramadan Competition Ceremony 2022 – Primary School

All Praise is due to Allah, the lord of the worlds and may Allah raise the rank of our master Muhammad and protect his nation from which he fears for it. On Monday 9 May 2022, Al Amanah primary students attended the Ramadan Annual Competition ceremony. The celebration started with a blessed recitation from the Holy Qur’an from a talented Year five student Huda Khan. This was proceeded by the school principal Mr Alwan’s recognition of Ramadan being a glorious month that should be dedicated to performing many acts of obedience and gaining rewards for the sake of Allah. Mr Alwan also congratulated all the participants and the winners of the annual Ramadan competition and wished the whole school community a blessed and joyous Eid-ul Fitr. Our current Primary School Boys Captain, Ibrahim Alshafie then delivered an insightful Islamic lesson about the importance of displaying good manners. He emphasised that portraying good manners is essential and brings us closer to learning the Islamic knowledge. He also highlighted various stories regarding the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) displaying the characteristics and attributes of good manners. It was a beautiful and enlightening Islamic lesson. For the Room Decorating Competition, the criteria for the chosen winner of the best decorated classroom are based on original, cost-effective, and handmade Ramadan themed decorations that are well arranged and colour coordinated. The winners of the Ramadan competitions received their gift hampers on stage with their Class Teacher and SRC representatives. The winners were: 2M, 3K, 4E and 6H. It was lovely to see students come to school dressed in Abayas and Islamic clothing for the occasion. Congratulations to Lujane Baltaji and Hamza Alwan for winning the best dressed Abaya award. We would like to extend our best wishes and Eid Mubarak to our students,…
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Careers and Graduates Recognition Iftar 2022

On the 14th of April 2022, Al Amanah Secondary College hosted its 2nd Annual Careers and Graduates Recognition Iftar for our Year 10 – 12 parents and students. The evening was held for students to interact with some of our graduate students in various careers and hear about their success stories and support students in making decisions about their future. The evening was also held to celebrate and recognise the achievements of the 2021 graduates in their HSC. Among our officials who were present at the evening: Chairman of Darulfatwa the Islamic High Council of Australia Professor Sheikh Salim Alwan Al Husseiny, Chairman of Al Amanah College Sheikh Fawaz Abboud, Head Principal of Al Amanah College Mr Muhammad El-Dana, Principal of Al Amanah College Liverpool College Ayman Alwan, Principal of Al Amanah College Bankstown Campus Bassam Adra, Principal of Salamah College Wissam Saad, Al Amanah College Board Member Mr Abdul Ghannoum, Al Amanah College Board Member Mr Arakji, the Member for Liverpool Mr Paul Lynch, Member for Werriwa Ms Anne Stanley MP, Liberal Candidate for Werriwa Mr Sam Kayal, Councillor Charishma Kalyanda Councillor Betty Green (Liverpool City Council). The MC for the night was 2010 graduate Mustapha Krayem who welcomed the guests for the evening and introduced Muhammad Hazarvi to the stage for a beautiful Quran recitation. This was followed by an address by the Head Principal Mr Muhammad El Dana who spoke of the values of education at Al Amanah College. Chairman of Darulfatwa Professor Sheikh Salim Alwan then took to the stage for an enlightening religious lesson. Secondary Co-ordinator Mrs Lubaba Dabboussi then introduced The 2021 Year 12 Cohort award recipients and brought them on stage to achieve awards for their exceptional results in the 2021 HSC. We congratulate all the award recipients on their efforts and achievements.…
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