Coronavirus – Letter from the Principal 24 April 2020

Term 2 Commencement and Update

Dear Parents,

On behalf of Al Amanah College staff, I would like to extend our best wishes and congratulations to all students, families and friends on the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

Al Amanah College community welcomes this holy month and embraces it with happiness and joy. Ramadan is the month of Mercy. It is the ninth month of the Muslim Hijri calendar, a time of prayer, fasting and performing many other good deeds. Happy Ramadan!


Please be reminded that Term 2 will commence officially on Tuesday 28 April 2020, Ramadan timetable will be effective during Weeks 1 to 4. School Hours will be 8:15am – 2:30pm.

Thank you to all parents who responded to our survey in a timely manner, the survey results show that more than 55% of our students will be attending on School site starting from Tuesday 28 April, while the rest of the students will continue learning from home. We are expecting an increase in students’ On-Site attendance starting from Week 3 Insha’ Allaah. Classroom teachers will use the survey data to better manage their classes and to ensure effective delivery to both On-Site and Online attendees.


Online learning for Al Amanah College students who chose to stay at home will continue to be facilitated using a combination of our Online platforms Moodle, Dojo and Microsoft Teams. Primary School students studying Online will be introduced to Microsoft Teams in addition to Moodle. Primary School teachers will schedule a Teams meeting once a day to allow for face to face instructions and delivery. Secondary School students will continue to use Microsoft Teams as per their scheduled timetable on their igloo portal.


In line with school policy and legislative requirements student attendance must be registered for On-Site and Online remote learning. All Online students are required to log in their presence. Primary students must log onto Moodle and Secondary students must log onto Teams by 8:40am daily. Attendance is monitored by class teachers and executive members. In the event of your child not being able to attend to his/her Online or On-Site classes, please notify the class teacher and use igloo to explain your child’s absence.


Parents who have any academic concerns about their child(ren) are requested to communicate directly with the class teachers via Email or ClassDojo.

Questions or concerns relating to the general well-being of the children or the general teaching arrangements for Home Learning plans can be directed to me via Email:


  • The School will continue to implement its risk management strategies around the interactions between staff members and parents. Face to face interactions will be limited to where social distancing can be exercised with a preference being for phone or Online contact between parents and the school.
  • Parents are requested to exercise social distancing when attending the school’s office and during pick up and drop off routines. Gatherings of parents before and after school will not be allowed.
  • Parents of students studying Online, are requested to establish routines and expectations from the first day of Term 2, student(s) should begin their studies as per the guidelines provided and are expected to maintain normal school day routines as far as possible. It is important that parents set these expectations for how their children will spend their days.
  • Parents are requested not to send their children who are sick with a fever, cough, temperature or any form of sickness to school.
  • Parents are requested to promote and model good hygiene with their children at home, you may use the posters we posted on ClassDojo school story during Term 1.


Primary School - Modified assessments will be set by the class teacher who will provide the students with instructions and guidelines on each task.

Secondary School - Assessments and exams will be modified where appropriate. Your children will be advised of any changes to assessment in due course. For Years 7 - 12, illness and misadventure procedures still apply. We will provide guidance for Year 12 Major Works at a later stage; your children should be guided by their class teacher in this.


If students or parents encounter any issues with their school - issued email accounts, Igloo portal, their access to Microsoft Teams, Moodle or ClassDojo, they can email

Any questions regarding the usage of Moodle or Microsoft Teams are to be sent to the School’s ICT teacher Mr. Mallitt at

Our priority is to ensure the safety, health, and welfare of our students, staff and their families. We ask all families to act wisely, maintain calm and keep communication open with the School.

May Allah protect our children, our families and our communities from any form of harm or illness. I hope you and your family are remaining safe during this difficult time.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Yours sincerely,
Ayman Alwan

24 April 2020

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