E^id Al Fitr Fete 2019

On the blessed occasion of E^id Al Fitr, Al Amanah primary and secondary students celebrated the glorious event on Wednesday 12 June with a fun-filled E^id fete. The day consisted of many rides and activities including the bouncing boxing, velcro wall, jumping castles, the Roman pole joust and the obstacle course. In order to keep the energy levels up and to satisfy their sweet tooth, students enjoyed the variety of Krispy Kreme donuts, lollies, ice cream and slurpees. The highlight and the most anticipated food items were the ‘Potato-on-a-stick’ and the BBQ which entailed delicious meat, kafta and chicken sandwiches.

After a half-day filled with excitement, high school students, teachers and parents were invited to attend an E^id Al Fitr Islamic celebration in the Grand Hall. The event was marked with a beautiful recitation from the Holy Quran, a religious lesson by Shaykh Amr AlShleh titled ‘Refuting a misconception’ and a lovely Nasheed by the very talented Al Amanah College chanting band,

Thank you to all the dedicated students and teachers who made the day a success. A big thank you for all the hard effort and dedication by the ICPA Scout volunteers and the parent volunteers in making this day a memorable one.

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