Kindy – Year 5 End of Year Award Ceremony – 2019

The K-5 End of Year Award Ceremony was held on Tuesday 10 December 2019. The formalities began with the MC, Mr Jamleoui introducing Zaara Yasir for a beautiful Qur’anic recitation of the Holy Qur’an. This was followed with the college principal, Mr Ayman Alwan, who delivered a speech emphasising on the school equipping the students with the true teaching and methodology of Islam in accordance to the rules of religion. This can be greatly attributed to the hard work and dedication of the Al Amanah College Arabic and Religion department which guides the students to a path of moderation free from extremism. Mr Ayman Alwan reflected on the 2019 academic year with the improvement in NAPLAN results and an increase in class averages and the introduction of various technology and communication medians including Igloo, Moodle and Class Dojo to ensure a more effective collaboration between the school and the parents.

A video was played which projected and showcased the school’s achievements to date, highlighting memorable moments throughout the year. This was proceeded with a religious lesson by Sheikh Mohamad Halabi. As part of the Award Ceremony, selected students from each class were chosen to receive an award for their hard work throughout the year. To end the ceremony, each grade presented a class performance. Congratulations to all the primary students for completing the 2019 academic school year.

Parent Awards- Certificate of Appreciation

Kindy- Mrs Maarabani, Mrs Rajab and Mr Tabikh

Year 1- Mrs Dalal Bakka

Year 3- Mrs El Hallek and Mrs El Baba

Year 4- Mrs Abduljabbar

School Events Parent Helpers:

Mrs Manal Hassan, Mrs Fatima Mohammad El Tayeb, Mrs Noura Sultan, Mrs Mariam Hammoud,

Mrs Samia Mohamed, Mr Bilal Abdelaal, Mr Km Sayedul Islam

Sport Awards

Kindy- Amira Rajab, Jana Noun and Mariam Khaled

Year 1- Jouri Trad and Lujane Baltaji

Year 2- Sofiya Najjar, Ayah Ibrahim and Lara Abou Ali

Year 3- Roukaya Abdallah and Roukaya Alkinani,

Year 4- Samar Anis and Najiyah Adnan Khan

Year 5- Osman Swayze and Ghufran Al Assad

Outstanding Athlete Award

Year 3- Ahmad Raad and Laith Eid

Year 4- Omar Kabbout and Yousuf Kanj

Year 5- Aisha Bilijac and Mahmoud Marabani

Values Award

Kindy- Linda Mohamed, Fatimah Alshafie and Lamar Alyafeai

Year 1- Rehab Al Badri and Abdul Rahman Ghannoum

Year 2- Tara Mhalhal, Ayah Abu El Hassan and Amnah Mohamed

Year 3- Safreen Azziz and Aiesha Rajab

Year 4- Malek Babti and Isaac Alchaar

Year 5- Deen Beganovic and Hammam Maarbani

Consistent Effort Awards

Kindy- Ibrahim Irfan, Sara Hassan, Hafsa Irfan, Ibrahim Mallah Madinah Ejje and Amaan Katovic

Year 1- Taim Almazayen, Abeera Fatima, Mhammad Gilany and Roqaya Al-Zu’bi

Year 2- Manha Irfan, Madinah El Kabbout, Yahya El Darwich, Sualeha Adnan Khan, Ameen Mikail Dabboussi and Zoha Nazim

Year 3- Yara Hoblos, Jada Obeid, Mohammad Ghannoum and Rahaf Hassan

Year 4- Ayeesha Raad, Hassan Elrashid, Ahmad Abbaro and Yousif Jirjees

Year 5- Mohomad Ibrahim, Yara Mhalhal, Aminah El Hallak and Aaminah Baba

Achievement Awards

Kindy- Maryam Syani, Inaya Nazim, Fatima Hassan, Lazeta Yilmaz, Rafeef Hassan, Adam Kerdi, Aaliyah Maarabani, Fatima Soueid and Ibrahim Muuse

Year 1- Melek Abduljabbar, Hala Mouslemani, Afia Anika, Jacob Obeid, Jasmine Sahyouni and Mariam Abu Swireh

Year 2- Natalie Balout, Aminah El Niz, Laylah Alzubaydi, Arabella Majzoub, Ayesha El Asmar, Zain Tabikh, Ahmed Mohammed, Mariam Arrfat and Qatrun-Nada Kabbout

Year 3- Huda Khan, Jalal El-Kabbout, Ibrahim Elibad, Ibrahim Alshafie, Karima Alshelh, Diyana El Masri

Year 4- Aliyah Kassem, Mustafa Ahmed, Rami Al-Saeedi, Mariah El Bandar, Sama Khashashneh and Lammar Eid

Year 5- Nour El Masri, Jude El Tayeb, Ghazi Rifi, Ruqayah El Omari, Zaara Yasir and Amar Khashashneh

Principal Award Recipients

KR- Sarah Khalifa and Muhammad Mahed

KH- Mazen Abdelmagid and Dina Kamand

KM- Hooriya Fathima and Mohummad Dib

1K-- Rowa Kahil and Eleena Eid

1D- Alina Karime abd Adyan Amin

2A- Al Hussain Al Aliawy and Jad El Masri

2P- Lujain Almazyyen and Hiba Kfoury

2C- Muhammad Jibril Alwan and Taliyah Hawchar

3E- Leena Alaany and Muhammad Ayan

3H- Hana Katovik and Joumana Khalifa

4D- Zahra Alsawafi and Mohammad Abduljabbar

4S- Noor Kfoury and Mohamad Al Boustani

5J-Salim Alwan and Elhan Katovic

5S- Enora Mehedy and Iman Rifi

Congratulations to all of the 2019 award recipients. On behalf of Al Amanah college, we wish all students and their families a happy and safe holiday. Looking forward to seeing everyone energised and fresh for the 2020 academic year.

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