Year 12 Graduation Ceremony – 2019

The year 12 Graduates of 2019 celebrated the end of their schooling careers on Friday 20 September. The Head Principal, Mr El Dana, The School’s Religious Advisor Shaykh Ibrahim El Shafie and the campus Principal, Mr Alwan, invited guests, parents and students were all present to congratulate the graduates on their successes. The school’s captains addressed the school as well as Year advisor Mrs Jenan El Ayoubi. The 2019 Year 12 cohort have demonstrated leadership and academic excellence as the senior students of Al Amanah College. Al Amanah College congratulates the following award recipients: Consistent Effort Awards - Selena Abu Lebdeh and Adam Taleb Hawchar Achievement Awards - Kainaat Hameed, Mohamed Elmostafa Hamid and Rouhaifa Mariam Karime Principal Awards - Shadi Khazaal and Mohab Aldeen Sidaoui Special Achievement Awards 2019 - Most Dedicated student of year 12 - Mohamed Elmostafa Hamid Innovation Award - Tamineh Saboune Leadership Award - Mohab Aldeen Sidaoui Most Outstanding Student of Year 12 - Fatima El Cheikh Khalil and Ali Dhafer Alaany The Australian Defence Force- Long - Tan Leadership and teamwork Award - Bahaa Al-Kasem USYD has a Future Leaders Scheme for School Captains - Bahaa Al-Kasem and Princess Zahab USYD DUX - Ali Dhafer Alaany. Age Champion - Bahaa Al-Kasem and Shams Kashashneh Sports person of the year - Adel Kandakji and Fatima El Cheikh Khalil School Captain Awards – Princess Zahab and Bahaa Al-Kasem SRC Awards - Mohab Aldeen Sidaoui, Selena Abu Lebdeh and Tamineh Saboune. The SRC of 2019 handed badges over to the 2020 SRC and welcomed them as the new leadership team, congratulations to: 2020 SRC members Ahmad Walid Dabboussi and Mariam Abdullah 2020 Vice Captains Numeer Imtiaz and Nada Khaled School Captains for 2020 - Muhammad Salim Alwan and Danna Rajab The graduating students commence their HSC Examination…
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Book Week Celebration 2019

Book Week Celebration 2019 قراءتي مهارتي During Week Six, Al Amanah students joined children all around Australia to celebrate Book Week. This year’s theme is ‘Reading is my secret power!’ and our school chose to celebrate this theme by turning the Super 6 Reading Comprehension Strategies into 6 Reading Super Robots! On Tuesday, parents and grandparents had the opportunity to visit their child or grandchild's class to listen to them read. This was very beneficial to our students, and encourages both the families and the school to work in partnership to help our students improve academically and to value the importance of reading. Thank you to the parents and grandparents who visited our classrooms this week. Throughout the week, students completed many book related activities in class. There was an array of characters from a wide range of Australian authors who mesmerised and captured the attention of all our students. English and Arabic teachers read stories during class time, and students also presented their story sacks to their classes, which they had made as part of homework. On Thursday, students came to school dressed up as a character from a book and participated in the book character parade. One student from each class was selected as having the best costume and story sack! Leading up to Book Week, competitions were run throughout the term to celebrate and acknowledge the value and importance of reading. Library competitions were organised and students were able to complete activities during library time. Congratulations to all participants and winners for their hard work. Entries are on display in the library as a part of new decorations. To continue our Book Week celebration, English and Arabic teachers read stories during class time. What a fabulous week it was. We can’t wait for next year!
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Eid Ul Adha 1440 Fete

Eid Ul Adha 1440 Fete The Prophet Peace Be Upon him said ‘لكل قوم عيد وهذا عيدنا’ which means ‘for every people there is Eid and this our Eid’- narrated by Al Bukhariyy. Eid is a prestigious holiday celebrated by all Muslims around the world. Al Amanah SRC primary and secondary held a successful Eid fete on Wednesday 21 August 2019 to celebrate the glorious occasion of Eid Ul Adha and the achievement of Muslims who have completed the annual Hajj. The High School students were provided with an insightful religious lesson by the school Imam Shakyh Amr Alshelh about this glorious occasion and was followed by a beautiful chanting performance by the school chanting band. The school committee introduced food trucks which sold pizzas, gozlemes, potato-on-a-stick, milkshakes, ice cream and fairy floss. The school Eid fete also consisted of rides such as jumping castles, Pirate ship, Bungee Run, Sumo Wrestling, arcade games, ice hockey and pool tables. The main feature of the day was the students were able to handle different types reptiles including crocodiles, snakes, lizards and turtles. The day ended with the laughter of the students and the screams of joy; it was indeed a day well spent and was thoroughly enjoyed by the student. May Allah accept the fasting of those who fasted the day of Arafah and grant forgiveness and reward for those who attended Hajj.  We would like to congratulate the Muslim community and in particular parents and students on this great occasion.
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2019 Future of Female Leadership

Year 12 School Captain Princess Zahab, Year 11 Class Captain Nada Khaled and SRC Tia Saad alongside SRC coordinator Miss Baker represented Al Amanah College amongst the 50 student leaders who were exclusively invited to attend the 2019 Future of Female Leadership program. The students were selected from hundreds of females across the state based on their thoughtful, creative and impressive biography submission. The Future of Female Leadership lunch was a unique initiative by Orbispace which offered the students an opportunity in collaborating with innovative and entrepreneurial women in various leadership positions. The initiative included an introductory session and an official welcome from Jobs for NSW and a tour of the Sydney Startup Hub. This was preceded by the students gaining an insight into Australia’s leading corporates in a series of presentations about innovation and female leadership in various business fields. Students were engaged and took part in a mindfulness coaching session with former Silicon Valley corporate Leader Julie Demsey. The most anticipated event of the evening included a one-on-one fully catered style lunch which provided the females students connecting young women with Australian’s leading female innovators. To conclude the day’s event a strong message by leading entrepreneur Jackie Owens stated that ‘according to current statistics that female leaders have the ability to change the corporate world through their innovative and creative skills.’
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