Al Amanah College Liverpool Campus Principal – Parent Session

Al Amanah College held its Principal-Parent information session for all parents on Thursday 22 March 2018, week 8 of term 1. The information session was very successful and informative, we thank all parents who attended the session, the information presented was vital regarding the parents’ involvement with their children’s education and outlined the school-parent communication methods used at Al Amanah College. During the information session we introduced to the new school portal - igloo and we explained its many functions in detail. All families are reminded to have their email addresses registered on the school’s system in order to receive an email containing a username and password that you can use to log in to our new school parent portal - igloo. The portal will give all parents access to important information about your children, including attendance, excursion, assessment data and much more.
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Harmony Day – Al Amanah College Liverpool Campus

On Wednesday 21 March, Al Amanah college celebrated its cultural diversity based on the successful integration of many cultures into our school community. Harmony Day at our school was about everyone having a sense of belonging, respect and inclusiveness. On this day the high school SRC successfully held a fundraiser which consisted of a barbecue with options of lamb, kafta, chicken and sausages and drinks. Many students contributed positively on this harmonious day. The day really signified unity, inclusiveness to ensure ‘everyone belongs’. On this day the primary SRC held a cake stall at recess and lunch. Students were asked to donate different cakes to sell on the day. These were accompanied with delicious orange spider drinks. Many SRC students assisted in setting up and selling during this time. This year primary celebrated Harmony Day with a cake stall which included a range of delicious sweets and cakes along with orange spider drinks. Students of Al Amanah worked together to construct a banner which consisted of different coloured hand prints of the students which was displayed in the school playground. Students wore orange shirts to support the idea of Harmony Day and participated in Harmony Day activities in class. Celebrating Harmony Day was a very important event and it was a day where students came together to acknowledge different diverse cultural backgrounds.
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Indonesian School visit

On Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 of March 2018, Al Amanah College welcomed our special international Indonesian guests from SMAN 14 Jakarta State High School Six into our school campus. Our distinguished guests consisted of year 10 and 11 international students, teachers and a tour guide who exclusively selected Al Amanah College to gain a valuable insight into the Australian educational system. Upon arrival students were welcomed by the school principal Mr Ayman Alwan, who greeted the guests and provided them with an overview of the school and emphasised for the students to have an enjoyable learning experience whilst at Al Amanah College. Mr Alwan requested the students were required to reflect upon their journey by writing down a journal entry of their important highlights of their day. So their reflections started with a self-guided tour around the school and they were given the opportunity to experience first-hand learning in various subjects and disciplines including English, Geography and Business Studies. Students interactively engaged with the shared learning experience with Al Amanah senior students and eagerly took down important notes from each lesson. The international students then proceeded to pray in congregation with students and teachers and then this was followed by lunch, where the male students played a friendly soccer match with Al Amanah High school students and the girls mingled and engaged in conversation with our very friendly and enthusiastic girls. Day 2 of the visit involved a morning assembly with senior Al Amanah students and executive staff. The assembly started with school vice-captain and MC Yusuf Sabbagh, who introduced school captain Abdullah Rajab, who enlightened the guests with a beautiful recitation from The Holy Quran. This was proceeded with Mr Alwan calling upon the international students to come to the stage and recount their experiences from their journals.…
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Al Amanah College – Liverpool Campus 2018 SRC Induction Ceremony

The 2018 SRC Induction Ceremony was held on Thursday 1 March 2018, at the School’s Grand Hall. The Induction ceremony was officially opened by the newly elected year 11 Captains Ali Alaany and Tamineh Saboune. It was a ceremony dedicated to acknowledging the 40 primary and the 42 high school students and who have been elected by their teachers and peers. These students will be effectively representing their respective cohort by communicating their diverse needs and demonstrating their leadership and communication skills within the school and wider community. To further emphasize the importance of leadership skills, the school Principal Mr Ayman Alwan acknowledged and congratulated the newly elected SRC who will be working collaboratively with the school in initiating changes for the betterment of the school and the wider community. This was followed by an enlightening religious speech by Sheikh Samer Alshafie Alhazary who emphasized the importance of leadership for the betterment of the Muslim community in order to effectively spread the true call of Islam. This was followed by the year 6 and year 12 school captains who each gave an insightful speech in both Languages Arabic and English about the significance of upholding the school core values through their newly appointed leadership positions. The year 6 school captain Maysa El Masri who explained the importance of participating in school fundraising initiatives and embracing the values and the ethics of the school. The year 12- Girl school captain Israh Zahr provided a heartwarming speech, in which she focused on the role and values of women in Islam through the examples of honorable and pious Islamic women figures. Whereas, the year 6 school Nour Al Kasem stated his commitment to honouring the school rules and being an important role model to all primary students. In addition, Abdullah Rajab’s speech in…
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