Sayuban Ramadan 2021

Our annual Sayuban Ramadan was organised for years 7 to year 12 on Wednesday 24th March 2021. This festive occasion was held to celebrate the upcoming glorious and Holy Month of Ramadan. The students celebrated this great occasion with their respective year groups with a special BBQ held in the Nagle street playground. Religion lessons were also given by Sheikh Amr AlShelh and Sheikh Samer AlShafie, which enlightened students on the benefits of the glorious month of Ramadan. A big thank you goes out to our SRC Co-Ordinators Miss Jessica Ech and Miss Zahra Al-Amiri for organising this special occasion, and to all the staff members and students who helped out. Overall it was an enjoyable day for all our staff and students. On behalf of Al Amanah College, we wish all the students and their families a Ramadan Mubarak and may the month be filled with blessings.
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The Miracle of Al-Isra’ and Al-Mi^raj

مدرسة الأمانة تهنىء الجميع بذكرى معجزة الإسراء والمعراج The Miracle of Al-Isra’ and Al-Mi^raj Friday 12 April 2021 / 28 Rajab 1442H كلية الأمانة الإسلامية في سدني تحتفل في ذكرى الإسراء والمعراج ١٤٤٢هـ تحت شعار "لقد رأى من آيات ربه .“الكبرى احتفاء بذكرى الإسراء والمعراج أقامت كلية الأمانة الإسلامية في ليفربول سدني حفلة إنشادية في قاعة الأمانة الكبرى حضرها مدير المدرسة الاستاذ أيمن علوان والفريق العامل في مدرسة الامانة وطلاب المرحلتين الإبتدائية والثانوية كما .حضرها جمع من أهالي الطلاب عبر الفايس بوك بعد كلمة الترحيب من عريف الحفل مروان باجوري وتلاوة آيات من القرآن الكريم ألقى الأستاذ علوان كلمة بالمناسبة هنأ .فيها الحضور من أهالي ومعلمين وطلاب بهذه الذكرى العظيمة وبعد كلمة المدير ألقى الشيخ عمرو الشلح الأزهري كلمة دينية متناولا قصة الإسراء والمعراج وما فيها من معاني .ودروس وعبر .كما قدم بعض طلاب من المرحلة الإبتدائية قصائد في هذه المناسبة العظيم وقدم فريق الناشئة من خريجي المدرسة مجموعة من الأناشيد الخاصة بالمناسبة ولقد تميزوا بأدائهم وسط .تفاعل كبير من الحضور Al Amanah College students, teachers and parents through Facebook Live celebrated the blessed occasion of the Miracle of Al Isra’ and Al Mi^raj on Friday 12 March 2021/28 Rajab 1442H, under the slogan “Indeed, He ﷺ saw some of the astonishing creations of his LORD”. The Year 11 Vice-Captain and MC Marwan Bajouri initiated the ceremony by welcoming the school attendees, followed by a heart-warming and touching recitation from the Holy Qur’an recited by the year 12 SRC member Alae Jamous. The College Principal, Mr Ayman Alwan then addressed the attendees by emphasising the blessed endowment and the recognition of the school in teaching and spreading the true creed of Islamic knowledge, and reflected on the great occasion of the Miracle of Al Isra’ and Al Mi^raj. This was proceeded by Imam Sheikh Amr Alshelh Al-Azhary who provided an…
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Community Building Partnership 2019-2021

As part of the Community Partnership Program offered by the NSW Government, Al Amanah was privileged to be selected as part of the program and awarded with a $50, 000 grant to be used under the program’s playground transformation scheme. The program objective was to enhance school facilities, meet community needs, increase participation in activities and improve the capacity around schools. Al Amanah College Principal and Project Manager Mr Ayman Alwan utilised the grant to enhance the facilities around the school including a new outdoor playground gym installed at the Liverpool Secondary School Campus. This addition was put in place to promote health and fitness and improve physical education activities in the school’s sport program. In addition to this, the funds were used around the school for court line markings used in sports games such as basketball and volleyball. The school also improved the maintenance by installing bird netting around the playground, painting the school playground, fencing, and providing an extensive outdoor seating area for the students. Al Amanah College community would humbly like to extend their gratitude to the NSW Government and Community Partnership Program for their generosity to the school.
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SRC Induction 2021

On the 25th of February the SRC induction ceremonies for both Primary and Secondary School at Al Amanah College were held. The secondary assembly was officially opened by the MCs and Year 11 Captains Nisrine Arnaout and Fawzi Abu Swireh. The ceremony began with a beautiful recitation of some verses from the holy Qur’an by the Year 11 SRC leader Taha El-Saj. The ceremony captured what it meant to uphold the values and ethos of the School and the qualities in being a leader at Al Amanah College. To further emphasise the importance of leadership skills, the college Principal Mr. Ayman Alwan acknowledged and congratulated the newly elected SRC members, and thanked the SRC co-ordination team. An enlightening religious advice and powerful speech by the Secondary School Captains Muhammad Alwan and Halimah El-Zahab was given, and reminded us all that we have the best leader and role model in our beloved religion, our Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. The Primary SRC ceremony MC was Mr Talahl Jamleoui. The ceremony began with a heart-warming Quran recitation by a year 6 student and the school’s vice-captain Hamsa Radwan and an insightful religious lesson by Shaykh Mohammad Halabi. This was followed by the captains’ speeches, Mohammad Kassem who gave the speech in English and Noor Kfoury who gave the speech in Arabic. In addition, there was a short video projection highlighting some of Al Amanah’s SRC main events and achievements over year 2020. The Induction Ceremonies ended with both primary and secondary students being officially inaugurated into the SRC committee by receiving their badges from Mr Alwan and taking their pledge. The following students are congratulated on their achievement of obtaining a prominent leadership position within the most respected school student society with the aim of empowering the students in…
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