HSC Study Camp

On Monday 9 July to Thursday 12 July a group of year 12 Al Amanah students and teachers embarked on HSC study camp to Cataract Scout Park in Appin. The camp was primarily based on students examining past HSC exams across all KLA subjects and being able to revise and write a band 6 response to the set questions in preparation for the upcoming exams. The study camp involved the students undertaking approximately three educational study sessions each day on various subject. As a result, all the students used this opportunity to collaborate with each other to explain concepts or theoretical knowledge to assist with answering the set questions in the exams. This was to further assist students to prepare for the upcoming HSC trial exams next term and to avoid procrastination and stressful nights at home. The highlight of the study camp was the Islamic lectures each day conducted by Sheikh Amr Alshelh, Sheikh Ibrahim Alhsafie, Sheikh Samer Alshafie and Sheikh Chadi Kasem. May Allah reward each religious leader and mentor for spreading the true knowledge and creed of Islam. Throughout the week the year 12 students engaged in various fun and social activities including the infamous campfires, Flying Fox and the Giant Swing. Students were able to closely bond with each other throughout these events and develop teamwork skills to achieve their ultimate goals and conquer their fears outside their comfort circle. The HSC study camp was highly beneficial for all the attendees and was truly a week to remember. It was a week filled with happiness, joy and knowledge. We would like to thank all the teachers and volunteers who assisted and dedicated their time with making the camp an enjoyable experience for the students. We wish our year 12 students the best of luck in their…
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Year 6 European Handball Inter-School Gala Day

[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] Wednesday 4 July 2018 Year 6 European Handball Inter-School Gala Day: Once again Al Amanah Liverpool & Bankstown collaborated with Salamah College holding it's second annual interschool Gala Day. This event brought together our Year 6 students to participate in European handball matches at Neville reserve, the home of Spears Sports Club. Students faced a number of challenges throughout the day which they happily overcame. All participants showed great sportsmanship. The day ended with a ceremony where students received medals from Spears Sports Club. The winners were delighted to be awarded a brand new Spears Football. The referees were the Year 11 Students from Salamah College and Al Amanah Liverpool Campus. They displayed great leadership skills. Overall it was a delightful day. Thank you to Spears Sports Club for hosting the event. [gallery columns="4" ids="4466,4467,4468,4469,4470,4471,4472,4473,4474,4475,4476,4477"] [/mp_span] [/mp_row]
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E^id Fete 2018

On the glorious occasion of E^id Al Fitr the SRC primary and secondary marked the event with organizing a fete in Speed St and Nagle St. The day consisted of many rides and activities including the Bungee Run, Slides, Velcro Wall, Jumping Castles, Pirate Ship, the bouncing boxing and Pole Joust. In addition, the, primary students also enjoyed the animal farm where they were able to interact with baby goats, chickens, ducks and Guinea pigs. In order to keep the energy levels up, students enjoyed an array of food including fairy floss on sticks, waffles, Krispy Kremes, sundaes, corn, freshly made milkshakes, slurpees, Kaak, juices and Sahlab.  This year the SRC organized a meat BBQ which consisted of kafta, meat and chicken skewers, for the students, teachers and parents to enjoy, A big thank you to all the dedicated students, teachers and parent helpers who made the day a success.
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Annual Ramadan Competition Award Ceremony 1439H

On Wednesday 13 June 2018, Al Amanah primary and high school students celebrated the glorious month of Ramadan which commemorates a month fasting and practising many acts of Obedience in this blessed month. The Ramadan celebration was marked with a beautiful recitation from the Holy Quran from a talented year 10 student Danna Rajab. This was preceded with the school principal Mr Ayman Alwan’s recognition of Ramadan being a blessed month that should be dedicated to performing many acts of obedience and gaining rewards for the sake of Allah. Mr Alwan congratulated all the participants and the winners of the Annual Ramadan Competition and wished the whole school community a blessed and joyous Eid-Al Fitr. Year 11 student Bahaa Al Kasem delivered an insightful Islamic lesson about the importance of displaying good manners. He emphasised portraying good manners are from the reasons which bring closer to learn the Islamic knowledge. He also highlighted various stories regarding the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) displaying the characteristics and attributes of Good manners. It was a beautiful and enlightening Islamic lesson. The most anticipated event of the evening was the announcements of the Ramadan Competition for memorisation of the Quran and the Obligatory knowledge. The competition was split into two main components including the major and minor competition. The winners of the minor competition included Halimah el Masri, Mariam Abdallah, Nasra Maarbani, Hussein Hage-Obeid and Hassan Abdallah and each winner was presented with $20. The top 5 place winners of the major competition included: 5th place Shams Khashashneh 4th Place Shorooq Khashashneh 3rd Place – Alae Jamous (3) equal 2nd Place – Muhammad Alwan, Nada Khaled, Abdallah Rajab 1st prize – Bahaa Al Kaseem This was closely followed by year 11 student and SRC member Mohab Sidaoui preceded with announcing highly anticipated…
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