Year 10 Subject Selection Session 2022

On the 2nd of June , a breakfast was held for Year 10 student and parents to provide information on the subject selection process for years 11 and 12. The information session provided understanding of the process to transition Year 10 students into their senior studies. The College principal Mr Ayman Alwan welcomed and addressed the parents and guests for attending the information session and highlighted the importance of our school values with emphasis on academic achievement, as well as the support network within the school. The High School Coordinator Mrs Lubaba Dabboussi highlighted the importance of Year 10 students successfully completing their HSC all my work program with NESA, as well as work experience, corptraining and mock interviews program. These initiatives undertaken by the college aim to develop Year 10 communication skills necessary for not only studies in the Stage 6 courses, but also for the workplace should students seek part-time employment while completing their senior years of schooling. The Curriculum Coordinator Mrs Chaza Kasem provided attendees with elaborate information to help students and parents make wise decisions regarding course selection in Year 11. Students were encouraged to think about their subject strengths, and how to best ensure successful results. Assessments in the senior school and the process of grading and calculating external assessments (ATAR) was also highlighted by Mrs. Kasem so that parents and students understand the importance of planning and goal setting in schooling. The session concluded with parent teacher meeting and sharing a lovely breakfast organised by the SRC. We hope that sessions like these effectively establish communication with parents and students so that the college is in a position to enable the achievement of the best outcomes of students.
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Futsal Competition

On the Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th of May, selected students played in the NSW Futsal Championships. It was a day full of friendly competition, sportsmanship and fun! For the Under 14s, we had three teams for girls and boys. The standout team was Al Amanah White with Jehad Chamma as the player of the day scoring 8 goals! Our girls U14 team also did a fantastic job on the day. We had Al Amanah Blue and Al Amanah White making it to the semi-finals, with Al Amanah white narrowly missing out on the final losing 2-1. The U16 boys were divided into 3 teams with Al Amanah Gold being the standout and Daniel Saad as player of the day scoring 4 goals! Teachers and students enjoyed the day and made many memories. Thank you the teachers who organised the event and well-done boys and girls for your efforts.
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SRC TreeTops Excursion

On Wednesday 25 May, the SRC representatives of Al Amanah College embarked on their annual excursion to TreeTops obstacle park. Upon entering the obstacle course SRC were given a detailed explanation of how to maneuver our way through the different levels. The obstacle course allowed the SRC leaders to improve their communication, perseverance, and leadership skills, working as a team to surpass any challenges they were faced with. We would like to thank the SRC body for their valiant efforts. A big thank you to the supervising teachers from both Secondary and Primary Schools who accompanied the students and provided moral support and encouragement throughout the day. Overall, it was an enjoyable day full of challenges and excitement! We look forward to return to TreeTops in the upcoming year. SRC Coordinators
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Secondary School Ramadan Competition 1443h – 2022

All Praise is due to Allah, the lord of the worlds and may Allah raise the rank of our master Muhammad and protect his nation from which he fears for it. To commemorate the Holy month of Ramadan the school annually holds the ‘Annual Ramadan Competition Ceremony’ to encourage all the teachers and students to participate in various competitions to celebrate the Blessed month of Ramadan. The assembly was run by School Vice-Captain Fouad Marabani who welcomed Year 11 student Omar Alwan to the stage for a beautiful Qur’an recitation. Shaykh Amr AlShelh was then introduced to the stage for an insightful religion lesson about the importance of remaining steadfast in fulfilling our religious obligation and keeping up with good deeds after the holy month of Ramadan. This year’s Ramadan competition involved memorisation of some chapters from the Holy Quran and sections of the summary of obligatory knowledge. 1st prize was awarded $100 cash, 2nd prize - $75, 3rd - $50, 4th - $40 and 5th - $35 as well as their chance to win $20. This year, the competition was very close in scores, and we had some students tie in the same position. It was lovely to see all student’s participation and enthusiasm for this year’s competition. The winners were awarded their prizes on stage with Shaykh Chadi Al-Kasem and Shaykh Amr AlShelh. Congratulations to the following winners: 1st Place: Muhammad Khan & Ruqayah El-Omari 2nd Place: Zara El-Yassir & Adam Khashashneh 3rd Place: Nour Mouselmani, Mouaad Djemana, Fawaz Jamous, Sama Khashashneh, Amar Khashashneh 4th Place: Jasmine El-Kabbout & Muhammad Kassar 5th Place: Hamsa Radwan & Rama Dannoun At the end of the ceremony, teachers and students were able to seek blessings from the hair of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings upon him). We thank the religion…
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