The Australian Geography Competition

The Australian Geography Competition is conducted across the country in secondary schools in Years 7 - 12. The competition assesses geographical knowledge and skills with a focus on fieldwork, spatial technologies and analytical skills. Participation in national competitions enriches our students learning experiences and provides them with an excellent yardstick to evaluate their own learning. Al Amanah students achieved outstanding results in the 2017 competition with two students attaining results in the top 1 % in the country and seven students receiving high distinction. Congratulations to all top achievers.
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Eid Ul Fitr Fete 2017

On the glorious occasion of Eid Ul Fitr, the SRC primary and secondary marked the event with organizing a fete. The fete consisted of many rides and activities including the Bungee Run, Slides, Velcro Wall, Jumping Castles and Sumo wrestling. To keep the energy levels up, students enjoyed sundaes, Krispy Kremes, corn, Kaak, freshly made milkshakes and juices. Thank you to all the dedicated students and teachers who made the day a successful one.
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Annual Ramadan Competition Award Presentation Assembly 2017

Annual Ramadan Competition Award Presentation Assembly 2017 (1438h) - Friday 23 June 2017. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم   All praise is due to Allah, the lord of the worlds and may Allah raise the rank of our master Muhammad and protect his nation from that which he fears for it. The Annual Ramadan competition of the Holy Qur'an began Monday 12 June and finished on Friday 16 June 2017, under the supervision of the Arabic and Religion department at Al Amanah College. The competition involved questions that targeted the ability of the participant to recall verses from the Holy Qur’an and recite them with the correct pronunciation and recitation rules. Two assemblies were held on Friday 23 June at Al Amanah College Liverpool Campus for both the Primary and Secondary schools, to recognise the wonderful achievements of our students during this year’s Annual Ramadan Competition. Liverpool Campus school principal Mr Alwan addressed the students and spoke about the importance of memorising the Holy Qur’an and encouraged students to follow a study program in memorising the Holy Qur’an as advised their religion teachers. Mr Alwan thanked Al Amanah College religion teachers for their efforts and hard work in educating young Muslim Australians and for instilling in their hearts the correct Islamic belief that combats extremism and calls for moderation and unity. Certificates were issued to all participants of the competition and winners with the highest scores were announced. A religious lesson about the importance of learning and teaching the Qur’an was given to the students by Shaykh Amr Alshelh and Mr Halabi. Students in Kindergarten were required to memorise The Creed of Ibn ^Asakir and students in Year 1 had to memorise the Attributes of Allah and the Hadith about fasting the month of Ramadan. Students in Years 2 – 12…
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Sydney Children’s Hospital Visit- Liverpool Campus

On the 15th of June our primary school captains visited the Sydney Children's Hospital for the Gold Week cheque presentation. The hospital staff were thankful and elated for the generous donation of $760 from our families. We ended the visit with a tour in the garden area of the hospital. Thank you to the school captains for proudly representing our school.  
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