Year 11 Graduation Ceremony 2018

The 2018 Year 11 graduation ceremony took place in the Grand Hall on Friday 26 October celebrating student achievements and learning. The graduation ceremony marks the beginning of the 2019 HSC journey. Students are congratulated for their commitment to studies in the Year 11 course given the fast-paced nature of their studies in 2018. The following students have demonstrated exceptional work ethics throughout their studies this year and have been awarded the following: Principals Award – Ali Alaany and Mohab Aldeen Sidaoui Achievement Award – Shadi Khazaal, Mohamad Hamid and Fatima El Cheikh Khalil Consistent Effort Award – Selena Abu Lebdeh and Tamineh Saboune The $20, 000.00 Western Sydney University Scholarship recipient - Ali Alaany The student Representative Council of 2019 was also inducted during the ceremony. The 2019 school leaders are as follows: School Captains – Bahaa Al Kasem and Princess Zahab School Vice Captains – Mohab Aldeen Sidaoui and Selena Abu Lebdeh SRC member – Abdullah Muhammad and Tamineh Saboune The graduating students have already commenced their HSC course in Week One of Term 4. The 2019 HSC class will need to maintain their commitment to studies and adopt a strengthened understanding of the need to be reflective of their study habits. The Al Amanah College community wishes the 2019 HSC class success in their forthcoming academic undertakings. [gallery columns="4" ids="4685,4686,4687,4688,4689,4690,4691,4692,4693,4694"]
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Year 12 Graduation Ceremony – 2018

The Year 12 students of Al Amanah College attended their graduation ceremony in the Grand Hall on Friday 21 September. His Eminence Dr. Shaykh Salim Alwan – Chairman of Darulfatwa Islamic High Council of Australia and Head Principal Mr. El Dana and the college Principal – Mr Ayman Alwan, invited guests, teachers and students congratulate the Year 12 students on their success in completing their journey spanning 13 years of schooling. The 2018 Year 12 cohort have demonstrated leadership and academic excellence as the senior students of Al Amanah College. Though the graduating students have completed their schooling at the college and bid their farewell they remain part and parcel of the Al Amanah community. The graduating class is strongly encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences of the ethos of Al Amanah College and Islamic teachings as they embark on their journeys into post school tertiary education in 2019 at various universities and workplaces. Al Amanah College community congratulate the following outstanding achievements of the students who have set benchmarks in various areas of learning and schooling: Consistent Effort Awards - Jalal Hussein and Talia Saad Achievement Awards - Zeinab Imtiaz and Israh Zahr Principal Awards - Firas Attieh, Sakena Alwan and Banine Al Fartose Special Achievement Awards 2018 - Most Dedicated student of year 12 -  Aysha Kassem Innovation Award -   Firas Attieh Leadership Award – Abdullah Rajab Most Outstanding -   Firas El Hawat Australian Defence Force-  Long - Tan Leadership and teamwork Award -  Yusuf Sabbagh USYD has a Future Leaders Scheme for School Captains - Abdullah Rajab and Israh Zahr. USYD DUX -  Sakena Alwan Sports Awards – (Age Champion) Jalal Hussein and Mariam Moussa Sports person of the year - Yusuf Sabbagh and Mariana Noun School Captain Awards - Israh Zahr and Abdullah Rajab SRC…
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Secondary School Mathematics Competition

Wednesday, 19 September, the first Mathematics Competition was held at Al Amanah College; leaving a mark as one of the most memorable competitions held at our school for high school students. After a semester worth of hard work and dedication, the year 11 cohort brought their idea of a Mathematics competition to life in light of attaining a joyful experience for our students. In an attempt to form an environment that encourages the growth of individuals both Islamically and educationally, the year 11 senior group, as well as the Mathematics committee, have worked tirelessly to organise a successful competition that can showcase the academic capabilities of the students at Al Amanah College. Team leaders organised daily sessions, held at lunch in order to prepare and train their teams for the approaching tournament. The teams were comprised of one member from each year group, and were each equipped with the required expertise and wisdom needed for the contest by the following Year 11 students; Shadi Khazaal, Bahaa Al Kassem and Mariam Karime, Mohab Sidaoui and Fatima El Chiekh, Ahmad Al Dhalimy and Mohammad Hamid, Abdullah’s Mohamad and Kainaat Hameed and also Ali Alaany and Princess Zahab. In addition to the teams, a judge panel comprised of Mr Rajab, Dr. Hajje, and Mr Dgaich was present to ensure there was no confusion throughout the competition. Hosted by MC Tia Saad, teams were given Mathematics questions based on their grade level in order to surpass their opponents and make it through the semi-finals onto the finals. Following the cheerful laughter, intense rivalry, and passionate dedication, three teams were awarded with trophies and medals and were praised for their hard work and commitment. This competition provided a rewarding and memorable experience for all contestants, leaders and judges, making it a successful event which vividly…
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Year 12 Excursion – A Day to Reflect

Thursday 13 September 2018 Year 12 Excursion - A Day to Reflect “It was a heart touching, emotional and educational experience”. With these words, the year 12 students expressed how happy and excited they were to have participated in this year’s excursion planned to complement the work being done in class on the Arabic, HSIE and Religion units. The day started with a visit to the Muslim Cemetery in Rookwood, where they had the chance to see firsthand how the Burial of Muslims is carried out in the old and the new section of the Muslim cemetery. Students had also the chance to visit the graves of their loved ones who had passed away and to recite verses of the Qur’an and also make supplication for them. After this sentimental visit, the year 12 students’ second stop was at Darulfatwa, the Islamic High Council of Australia where they were welcomed by his eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Al Shafie. Students enjoyed listening to an informative lecture in which Sheikh Ibrahim discussed issues that are of importance to the youth. Following the lecture, students were each presented with a gift pack. Commenting on the visit to Darulfatwa, one of the year 12 students said: “The lesson inspired us to stay connected to Darulfatwa even after we graduate to remain within the circles of religion”. To complement the work being done in class on the Arabic unit “Media”, students’ next visit was to the Muslim Community Radio, 2MFM where they were greeted by the 2MFM crew. They then were presented with a talk which inspired them to choose a career path related to the field of media such as producing and presenting. After performing the Thuhur prayer at As-Salam mosque, the day was concluded with a delicious lunch where students enjoyed a variety of…
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