Year 12 Graduation Ceremony 2021

Although it has been a turbulent year, the much anticipated Year 12 2021 graduation ceremony was held in the Liverpool Campus Grand Hall on the 3rd of December. Teachers, parents, students and community members gathered to celebrate the achievements of the 2021 cohort which they have eagerly awaited. Congratulations to all Year 12 students on their success in completing their journey spanning 13 years of schooling. We are so proud of the 2021 Year 12 for demonstrating leadership, academic excellence, and outstanding patience during the challenging period of online learning. It was rewarding to finally see the students celebrate with family and friends after enduring the challenges of the lockdown period. The ceremony was hosted by our Vice Captains; Yassmin Kabbout and Muhammad Nachar who welcomed School Captain Muhammad Alwan to the stage for a beautiful Quran recitation. This was followed by an insightful speech from Head Principal Mr Mohammad El-Dana. Sheikh Ibrahim Alshafie took to the stage for an enlightening religion lesson which expressed gratitude for the blessing of our beloved religion Islam. The 2021 school video, and Year 12 2021 video were then played and showcased the treasured memories and moments throughout our students high school experience. School Captain Halima Zahab then delivered a heart-warming speech highlighting the loved moments throughout the students high school journey with their peers and teachers. SRC member Alae Jamous concluded the ceremony with a lovely Arabic speech. Secondary School Co-ordinator Mrs Lubaba Dabboussi was then invited to the stage to announce the achievement award winners and graduation certificates to the students. Al Amanah College congratulates the following students: Consistent Effort Awards: Aiyah Marabani, Samir Sadiq, Yassmin Kabbout, Rachid Trad Achievement Awards: Iyad Mohammed, Ayah Awad, Ahmed Khaled, Muhammad Nachar Principal Awards: Muhammad Alwan, Yassmin Kabbout, Malaak Kabbout, Sabrina Kfoury Most Outstanding Student…
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Year Six Graduation 2021

On Monday 6 December, Al Amanah College held the Year Six Graduation in the Liverpool Grand Hall. Mr El Dana, Mr Alwan, teachers, and parents came together to celebrate the achievements of our wonderful Year Six students, hosted by our delightful MC’s Hamsa Radwan and Mohammad Abduljabbar. As part of the school’s COVID-19 action plan which adheres to the Department of Health restrictions on social gatherings, the school provided the opportunity for a maximum of 2 parent/caregivers to attend the ceremony to view their child’s academic achievements and successes throughout the 2021 academic year. However, special measures were implemented including check-in procedures including Eventbrite registration, QR codes on arrival and seating arrangements within the hall that adhered to the social distancing of 1.5 metres between each seat. The celebration began with Head Principal, Mr Mohammad El Dana addressing parents and students, followed by a beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran by Mariah El Bandar. Shiekh Muhammad Halabi gave an insightful religious lesson which was followed by a heartfelt speech from the 2021 School Captains, Noor Kfoury and Mohammad Kassem. The Year Six students gave a memorable Arabic performance showcasing their talents. The ceremony ended with the School Captains presenting a card to the school, expressing their appreciation for all that has happened over the year. The students and parents both enjoyed a delicious food pack where they spent their last moments together as Year 6 students. We would like to wish them all the best moving forward into the next chapter of their lives! Mr Jamleoui & Mrs Alterio
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Year 10 Graduation Assembly

On Thursday the 18th of November, Al Amanah College held an online virtual graduation assembly for the 2021 Year 10 cohort. This year, the Year 10 cohort have demonstrated leadership, academic excellence, resilience and persistence during the challenging lockdown period. The Year 10 Graduation assembly officially began with the Year 10M1 Year Advisor Miss Zahra Al-Amiri, who opened the assembly with a touching heartfelt message to the year 10 cohort. This was then followed with a beautiful recitation from the Holy Qur’an by the talented Omar Alwan. This was preceded with a Principal address by Mr Ayman Alwan who congratulated the students on completing their Year 10 studies, and persevering during the online learning period. He concluded with a reminder to remain diligent for the next two years in their future academic studies and to always remain a part of the school community no matter which pathway they take for their future plans. The school’s Imam Shaykh Amr Alshelh then delivered an insightful religious lesson reminding us all about the importance of remaining steadfast in our beloved religion Islam. This was then followed by an Arabic speech by the gifted Hadi Tabbara as well as final Year 10 speech by the talented Maysa Ibrahim, who reflected on the memorable moments that signified the cohorts experience at Al Amanah, as well as the values instilled within them from their teachers. The Secondary School Co-Ordinator Mrs Lubaba Dabboussi then presented the special achievement awards, as well as the graduation certificates to the Year 10 Students. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the parents on their child’s achievement and we would like to sincerely thank them for all their support over the years. We wish our students all the best and success in their future endeavours. On behalf of Al…
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Welcome Back to school

On 25 October, Al Amanah college welcomed back its Year 2 – Year 12 students after 13 weeks of Online learning. Our College Principal Mr Ayman Alwan, along with other executives and teachers greeted and welcomed parents and students, at the Nagle Street and Speed Street gates. Parents and students were served sweets in commemoration of the Mawlid and the return back to face to face teaching. We wish all teachers and students an enjoyable Term 4.
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