Parent Literacy Workshop

On Thursday 10th May, our lovely primary parents were invited to attend a literacy workshop focusing on effective reading strategies. Parents gained a range of strategies to enable them to assist their child with comprehension. Thank you to Miss Wilmot for organising the workshop.  
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Primary Sayuban Ramadan

This morning our primary students gathered for the Sayuban Ramadan event. The students enjoyed the picnic and are excited for the upcoming month of Ramadan. Thank you to our generous parents for preparing the breakfast dishes. Wishing our families a blessed Ramadan.
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Year 7 -12 – Sayubaan Ramadan

An annual Sayubaan Ramadan was organised for years 7 to year 12 on Wednesday 9 May, 2018. This festive occasion was celebrating the upcoming glorious and Holy Month of Ramadan. The students celebrated this great occasion with their respective year groups with a special luncheon held in Nagle and Speed Street. Students and teachers enjoyed an array of food including manoush, pastries, salads, desserts, cakes and drinks.  A big thank you goes out to the parents, students and teachers for provided food and drinks for the special occasion. On behalf of Al Amanah College, we wish all the students and their families a Ramadan Mubarak and may the month be filled with blessings.
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Year 10 Student and Parents Subject Selection Evening

Year 10 student and parent’s subject selection evening was held on the 8 May. The information session provided parents and students with information pertaining to transition of 2018 Year 10 students to senior school in 2019. The High School Coordinator highlighted the importance of Year 10 students successfully completing their HSC all my work program with NESA in order for students in senior years clearly understanding and appreciate the requirements involved in undertaking assessments of learning in the Year 11 and Year 12 courses. Work experience in year 10, corptraining and mock interviews program details were elaborated upon to highlight the initiatives undertaken by the college to develop Year 10 communication skills necessary for not only studies in the Stage 6 courses but also for the job market should students seek part-time employment while completing their senior years of schooling. The Currciulum Coordinator provided attendees with information to help students and parents make wise decisions regarding course selection in Year 11. Students were encouraged to think about career aspirations in the long term while making their subject selections for studies in 2019 keeping in mind the job market of the future. Assessments in the senior school and the process of grading (internal assessment and HSC assessment and ATAR) was also highlighted by Mrs. Kaseem so that parents and students understand the importance of planning and goal setting in schooling. The session concluded with parent teacher meeting which further strengthens communication between the college and the community. Attendance to information sessions undertaken by Al Amanah aim to facilitate effective communication with parents and students so that the college is in a position to enable the achievement of the best outcomes of students.
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