Year 12 Graduation Ceremony

Year 12 Graduation Ceremony Al Amanah College held its Year 12 graduation ceremony on Thursday 17 September, 2020. Congratulations to all Year 12 students on their success in completing their journey spanning 13 years of schooling. The 2020 Year 12 cohort have demonstrated leadership, academic excellence, resilience and persistence during the turbulent COVID-19 pandemic. The School implemented its COVID-19 action plan and provided the parents with the opportunity to virtually view their child’s academic achievements and successes by streamlining the Graduation Ceremony through the Al Amanah Facebook Live Stream. The graduating class is strongly encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences of the ethos of Al Amanah College and Islamic teachings as they embark on their journeys into post school tertiary education in 2021 at various universities and workplaces. Al Amanah College congratulates the following outstanding achievements of the students who have set benchmarks in various areas of learning and schooling: Consistent Effort Awards – Mohamad Farhat, Shadi Awad and Rhyanna Husseini Achievement Awards – Numeer Imtiaz, Adeeb Thottasseri and Tia Saad Principal Awards – Danaa Rajab, Mariam Abdallah and Nada Khaled Special Achievement Awards 2020 Most Dedicated student of year 12 - Danna Rajab Leadership Award – Muhammad Alwan Most Outstanding student - Bilal El Omari Australian Defence Force- Long - Tan Leadership and teamwork Award - Elias Kahil The Australian Defence Force – Long – Tan Innovator’s Award - Houssam Jamous USYD has a Future Leaders Scheme – Numeer Imtiaz and Nada Khaled USYD DUX - Bilal El Omari Sports Awards – (Age Champion) Mohamad Farhat Sports person of the year – Shadi Awad and Yahya El Masri School Captain Awards – Danna Rajab and Muhammad Alwan SRC Awards – Numeer Imtiaz, Nada Khaled and Mariam Abdallah. The graduating students commence their HSC Examination study break from 18…
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Secondary School Boys Athletics Carnival 2020

On Thursday 13 August 2020, Al Amanah College held its annual Secondary School Boys Athletics Carnival. Our students were engaged in a variety of field events including discus, shot put, javelin, long jump and high jump. Students’ participation was Al Amanah’s biggest yet and the boys were aiming to break their very own personal bests and other records. Our standing record for out 100m race was 11.06 seconds. The highlights of the day was the All Stars Race and Relay Races, which saw the fastest times from Al Amanah College. Our athletes shone in the track events, with our top eight 100m runners proceeding to the All Stars Final race. These runners were: · Adam Chahine – 11’06" · Mohammed Farhat – 11’94" · Daniel Saad – 12’01" · Yahya El Masri – 12’10" · Shadi Awad – 12’15" · Muhammad Alwan – 12’17" · Muhammad Camdzic – 12’62" · Houssam Jamous – 13’06" The winners of the all-stars race were: · 1st Adam Chahine – 11 seconds · 2nd Muhammad Alwan - 11.94 seconds · 3rd Mohamed Farhat - at 12.04 seconds Well done boys, amazing results! We then held our junior and senior relay races. The winners of the First Heat Relay Race was the red team (Fraser) who consisted of the following students: · Abdulrahman Eltayeb, Azzam Krayem, Abdullah Jirjees and Adam Chahine. Coming in Second Place – Green House · Hadi Tabbara, Omar Alwan, Omar Elrashid and Huseyin Al Atabi Coming in Third Place – Blue House · Abdulrahman Al Trufi, Muhammad Hussain, Ahmad Elbaba and Benjamin El Masri The winners of the Second Heat Relay Race was the Yellow team (Lilly) who consisted of the following students: · Adnan Tebbo, Muhammad Camdzic, Muhammad Al Khateeb and Adam Chahine Coming in Second Place – Red House…
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Coronavirus – Letter from the Principal 24 April 2020

Term 2 Commencement and Update Dear Parents, On behalf of Al Amanah College staff, I would like to extend our best wishes and congratulations to all students, families and friends on the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. Al Amanah College community welcomes this holy month and embraces it with happiness and joy. Ramadan is the month of Mercy. It is the ninth month of the Muslim Hijri calendar, a time of prayer, fasting and performing many other good deeds. Happy Ramadan! THE START DATE FOR TERM 2     Please be reminded that Term 2 will commence officially on Tuesday 28 April 2020, Ramadan timetable will be effective during Weeks 1 to 4. School Hours will be 8:15am – 2:30pm. Thank you to all parents who responded to our survey in a timely manner, the survey results show that more than 55% of our students will be attending on School site starting from Tuesday 28 April, while the rest of the students will continue learning from home. We are expecting an increase in students’ On-Site attendance starting from Week 3 Insha’ Allaah. Classroom teachers will use the survey data to better manage their classes and to ensure effective delivery to both On-Site and Online attendees. ONLINE LEARNING Online learning for Al Amanah College students who chose to stay at home will continue to be facilitated using a combination of our Online platforms Moodle, Dojo and Microsoft Teams. Primary School students studying Online will be introduced to Microsoft Teams in addition to Moodle. Primary School teachers will schedule a Teams meeting once a day to allow for face to face instructions and delivery. Secondary School students will continue to use Microsoft Teams as per their scheduled timetable on their igloo portal. STUDENT ATTENDANCE In line with school policy and legislative requirements…
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SRC Induction Ceremony – 2020

The 2020 Al Amanah College – Liverpool Campus SRC Induction Ceremony was held on Friday 28 February, in the school’s Grand Hall. The induction ceremony was officially opened by the MCs and the newly elected Y11 Captains Sabrina Kfoury and Iyad Mohammed. The ceremony began with a beautiful recitation of some verses from the holy Qur’an by the year 6 class vice-captain - Zaara Yasir. This Induction Ceremony is dedicated to acknowledging the newly elected students who will be representing their respective cohort and advocating for the diverse needs of the school community. To further emphasise the importance of leadership skills, the college Principal Mr. Ayman Alwan acknowledged and congratulated the newly elected SRC members and encouraged them to work collaboratively with their peers at school by initiating changes to serve the school and the wider community. Mr Alwan officially welcomed Miss Al Amiri, the newest member to the Secondary School SRC coordination team, and the returning member Mrs Alterio. Furthermore, Mr Alwan thanked Mr Jamleoui for his involvement and input to the SRC body during 2019. Mr Alwan also acknowledged Miss Baker for her efforts as she has worked tirelessly over the past 9 years as an SRC coordinator and made significant enhancements to ensure the SRC was a successful student body. Mr Alwan then presented Miss Baker with a token of appreciation on behalf of the Secondary School team. This was followed by an enlightening religious advice presented by the secondary school’s boys Captain Muhammad Salim Alwan, whereby he focused on the importance for all students to uphold the Islamic ethics and manners and to fear Allah. He articulated a special message to SRC students that the leadership badge is a special reminder to be a role model to their fellow peers by advocating self-discipline and to treat…
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