Clean-up Australia Day 2019

On Friday 1 March 2019 the newly elected Al Amanah SRC members showed their commitment by cleaning up their school environment as part of the Cleaning up Australia Day campaign. The female SRC members actively participated by cleaning up Nagle Street playground and the male SRC members and other volunteers cleaned the Speed Street playground. Students were able to collectively understand the importance in preserving and conserving the local environment. The Clean-up Australia Day initiative is an ongoing and long-term commitment that forms part of the SRC ‘in the bin’ campaign which enables students to actively throw their rubbish in the bin. We hope to see this initiative inspiring students to keep their local environment clean. Thank you to all the students who actively participated on the day.
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Al Amanah College – Liverpool Campus SRC Induction Ceremony – 2019

The 2019 Al Amanah College primary and secondary School SRC Induction Ceremony was held on Thursday the 28 February, in the school’s Grand Hall. The induction ceremony was officially opened by the newly elected year 11 Captains Nada Khaled and Yahya El Masri. The presentation began with a beautiful recitation of the verses from the holy Qur’an by Zakaria Khaled. It was a ceremony dedicated to acknowledging the new elected primary and secondary students who have been selected by their teachers and peers to contribute to a positive school culture and strengthening the school community through active participation. These students will be effectively representing their respective cohort by advocating for the diverse needs of the school community through developing their leadership and decision-making skills. To further emphasise the importance of leadership skills, the college Principal Mr. Ayman Alwan acknowledged and congratulated the newly elected SRC members who will be working collaboratively with the school in initiating changes for the betterment of the school and the wider community. This was followed by enlightening religious lesson presented by the school’s Imam Shakyh Amr Alshleh Azzahary, whereby he focused on the importance for all students  to uphold the Islamic ethics and manners and to fear Allah. He articulated a special message to SRC students that the leadership badge is a special reminder to be a role model to their fellow peers by advocating self-discipline and to treat their Muslim brothers and sisters justly and not mistreating each other.  This was followed by the year 6 and 12 school captains who each gave an insightful speech about the significance of upholding the school core values through their newly appointed leadership positions. The year 12 girl school captain Princess Zahab provided a heartwarming speech, in which she focused on the role and values of women…
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Girls Swimming Carnival 2019

The Girls 2019 Swimming carnival which occurred on Monday 18 February 2019 was an epic event! The new carnival banners with the school logo signified the beginning of a fun, engaging and competitive event. Girls decided to take the plunge and participate in a variety of swimming events such as freestyle, backstroke and the novelty events. Students were dressed in amazing costumes and colours and the best-dressed colour went to Lillie (yellow). Our main event the All Stars race provided students from any age with the quickest time to verse each other. The girls presented themselves with fantastic conduct and behavior and as a result all students were given two hours of free time to relax and have fun with friends. These were the girls’ results from the previous heats, which placed them in the All Stars Race. Liyana Kabbout - 1.04 Min Aiyah Marabani - 1.02 Mins Khadija Abdallah - 1.01 mins Tania Diab - 1.01 mins Amani Abu Swireh - 56 seconds Halimah El Zahab - 54 seconds Princess Dib - 53 seconds The winner of the All-stars race was HALIMAH EL ZAHAB! Well done Halimah with her timing at 57 seconds, second Khadija Abdullah at 1 minute and 2 seconds and third Tania Diab at 1 minute and 3 seconds. It was an excellent day and I would like to thank all the teachers for supervising.   Miss Kabbara Sports Coordinator
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Boys Swimming Carnival 2019

Boys Swimming Carnival The boys 2019 Swimming carnival was a heroic event!  Students were excited and pumped for the races. Student’s attendance was one of our biggest yet. The boys were aiming to break the Al Amanah swimming record. The standing record for the 50-metre freestyle was 36 seconds. The highlights were the relay and the All-Stars races, which saw 2 of the students beat the Al Amanah record! Overall the boys had a wonderful day. The following are the boys’ results from the previous heats, which placed them in the All Stars Race. Today's top 7 swimmers were: Abdullah Zahab 32 seconds Fawzi Abu Swireh 33 seconds Adam Chahine 37 Seconds Walid Dabboussi 37 seconds Adnan Karat 38 seconds Wahib Hassan 38 seconds Shadi Awad 44 seconds The winner of the All Star race was Fawzi Abu Swireh at 32.9 seconds. Well done to Fawzi Abu Swireh and Abdullah Zahab who are now both holding the title for the fastest freestyle swimmers in Al Amanah History. The winners of the relay were the red team (Fraser): Shadi Khazaal Mohab Sidaoui Ibrahim El Sayed Fawzi Abu Swireh   Miss Kabbara Sports Coordinator
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