SRC Tree Tops Excursion – Liverpool Campus

On Wednesday 5 April, the primary and secondary SRC members attended an excursion to Tree Tops Adventure Park. The students enjoyed an eventful day in which they were able to test their strength and face their fears in a friendly and exhilarating environment. The excursion was an opportunity for them to work together as a team and strengthen their friendships. The day began with a bus ride to the location where students first enjoyed their recess together. After having their harnesses put on they were talked through the safety precautions that need to be taken while on the course. Students first attempted a practice course before venturing further onto the 4 different levels. Hadi and Omar in year 6 completed courses with speed and excitement setting an example for the rest. After a tiring 1.5 hours on the course students enjoyed their lunch in the nearby park. Secondary school SRC students enjoyed enduring the challenging high ropes course which consisted of several elements including zip lines, rope climbing and obstacle circuits. The ropes course entailed three levels of difficulty including the green, blue and green circuits. Each level progressively became more challenging and harder, however the SRC peers remained persistent through assisting each other with words of encouragement to ensure they stayed determined in finishing each level. Some of senior students aged 16 years and over were daring enough to complete the Black course, which was the most challenging and hardest course on the circuit. The SRC students effectively showed the core values of commitment, teamwork, persistence, determination and leadership skills. The primary and secondary SRC students must be commended on their outstanding behaviour and manners they displayed throughout the day. On behalf of the SRC coordinators and volunteers we greatly appreciate working alongside such diligent and well-mannered SRC students.…
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Term 1 Holidays

Al Amanah College would like to remind all parents that the last day of Term 1 will be on Friday 7 April 2017. Classes will resume on Wednesday 26 April 2017. Al Amanah College offices will be open from Monday 10 April and Tuesday 11 April 2017 (Liverpool Campus) and Wednesday 12 April and Thursday 13 April (Bankstown Campus). Opening hours are 9:00Am to 3:00pm. Al Amanah College offices will be closed from Friday 14 April to Friday 21 April 2017. Tuesday 25 April – Public Holiday. Enquiries can be made via e-mail We wish our students a refreshing break!
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Harmony Day- Liverpool Campus

On Tuesday 21st of March, the staff and students at Al Amanah College celebrated Harmony Day. This is the day we celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity. The central message for Harmony Day is that ‘everyone belongs’. Today there are over 24 million people living in Australia who all contribute different ideas, languages and custom. Al Amanah College was privileged to have a visit by the SBS news crew. Students from different nationalities were... interviewed and had the chance to portray what inclusiveness is all about. Students proudly displayed cultural objects and discussed their value and importance. Students were very excited to talk about their cultural traditions and what it means to be an Australian. Students celebrated Harmony Day by wearing orange, which is the colour representing Harmony Day and participated in a range of activities. Harmony Day was also celebrated by selling orange food such as cakes and orange spider drinks. Students also had the chance to participate in art and craft activities and learnt about what makes Australia a diverse country. Students discussed the differences and similarities people have and learnt that Harmony Day is a day where we celebrate inclusiveness and a sense of belonging. We thank all the SRC students and teachers who contributed to making the day a great success. A big thank you to all the parents who generously donated a cake.
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