SRC Induction Ceremony – 2020

The 2020 Al Amanah College – Liverpool Campus SRC Induction Ceremony was held on Friday 28 February, in the school’s Grand Hall. The induction ceremony was officially opened by the MCs and the newly elected Y11 Captains Sabrina Kfoury and Iyad Mohammed. The ceremony began with a beautiful recitation of some verses from the holy Qur’an by the year 6 class vice-captain - Zaara Yasir. This Induction Ceremony is dedicated to acknowledging the newly elected students who will be representing their respective cohort and advocating for the diverse needs of the school community.

To further emphasise the importance of leadership skills, the college Principal Mr. Ayman Alwan acknowledged and congratulated the newly elected SRC members and encouraged them to work collaboratively with their peers at school by initiating changes to serve the school and the wider community. Mr Alwan officially welcomed Miss Al Amiri, the newest member to the Secondary School SRC coordination team, and the returning member Mrs Alterio. Furthermore, Mr Alwan thanked Mr Jamleoui for his involvement and input to the SRC body during 2019. Mr Alwan also acknowledged Miss Baker for her efforts as she has worked tirelessly over the past 9 years as an SRC coordinator and made significant enhancements to ensure the SRC was a successful student body. Mr Alwan then presented Miss Baker with a token of appreciation on behalf of the Secondary School team. This was followed by an enlightening religious advice presented by the secondary school’s boys Captain Muhammad Salim Alwan, whereby he focused on the importance for all students to uphold the Islamic ethics and manners and to fear Allah. He articulated a special message to SRC students that the leadership badge is a special reminder to be a role model to their fellow peers by advocating self-discipline and to treat their Muslim brothers and sisters justly and not mistreat each other. The secondary school’s Girls captain Danna Rajab provided a heartwarming speech whereby she focused on the essence of leadership and how they can display the qualities of a leader and strive to be role models towards their respective cohorts. The primary school captains Iman Rifi and Muhannad Mouselmani gave inspiring speeches in Arabic and English which encompassed the SRC members displaying good manners in representing the school. In addition, there was a short video projection highlighting some of Al Amanah’s SRC main events and achievements over the previous year.

The Induction Ceremony ended with both primary and secondary students being officially inaugurated into the SRC committee by receiving their prestigious badges from Mr Alwan. The following students must be congratulated on their achievement of obtaining a prominent leadership position within the most respected school student society with the aim of empowering the students in becoming young active Muslim leaders within the school and wider community.

Year 3S:

- Lujain Almzayyen – Captain

- Ahmed Mohammed – Captain

- Qatrun-Nada Kabbout – Vice Captain

- Abrar Jawad – Vice Captain

Year 3M:

- Jad El Masri – Captain

- Azra Bilajac – Captain

- Mikail Dabboussi – Vice Captain

- Ayesha El Asmar – Vice Captain

Year 3E:

- Mohammad Jibril Alwan – Captain

- Arabella Majzoub – Captain

- Laylah Alzubaydi – Vice Captain

- Al Hussain Al Aliawy – Vice Captain

Year 4K:

- Karima Al Shelh – Captain

- Elias Halabi – Captain

- Laith Eid – Vice Captain

- Joumana Khalifa – Vice Captain

Year 4R:

- Aisha Ain – Captain

- Wahib Rifi – Captain

- Hidaya Chowdhury – Vice Captain

- Ahmaed Khogali – Vice Captain

Year 5C:

- Noor Kfoury – Captain

- Mohamad Boustani – Captain

- Jannah Arnaout – Vice Captain

- Sarim Aamir – Vice Captain

Year 5J:

- Sama Khashashneh – Captain

- Mohammad Abduljabbar – Captain

- Hamsa Radwan – Vice Captain

- Malek Babti – Vice Captain

Year 6J:

- Galeb El Hussein – Captain

- Jude El Tayeb – Captain

- Jannah Sahyouni – Vice Captain

- Deen Beganovic – Vice Captain

Year 6A:

- Aisha Bilajac – Captain

- Bashir Kamal – Captain

- Zaara Yasir – Vice Captain

- Osman Swayze – Vice Captain

Primary School Captains:

- Muhannad Mouslemani

- Iman Rifi

Primary School Vice Captains:

- Lana Awad

- Salim Alwan

Year 7B:

- Mouaad Djemana – Captain

- Abdul Raheem Mohammed – Vice Captain

- Muhammad Khan– SRC

Year 7G:

- Ilham Kanj – Captain

- Danya Makouk – Vice Captain

- Noor Mouslemani – SRC

Year 8B:

- Moses Baltaji – Captain

- Abu Baker Istanbouli – Vice Captain

- Omar El Rachid – SRC

Year 8G:

- Maysa El Masri – Captain

- Dounia El Masri – Vice Captain

- Asiyah Kanj – SRC

Year 8M:

- Ayman Ali – Captain

- Nour Kassem – Vice Captain

- Nayta Qadir – SRC

Year 9B1

- Yousef Hakouz - Captain

- Yusuf Khazma – Vice Captain

- Idris Alchaar – SRC

Year 9B2:

- Mustafa Al Khateeb – Captain

- Ahmad Camdzic – Vice Captain

- Hani Anis – SRC

Year 9G:

- Liyana Kabbout – Captain

- Siham Nachar – Vice Captain

- Davin Saleh – SRC

Year 10B:

- Iyman Zeinelabdein - Captain

- Mohamed Husseini – Vice Captain

- Numaan Ali – SRC

Year 10G:

- Khadija Abdallah - Captain

- Isha Shah – Vice Captain

- Sania Zaman– SRC

Year 10M:

- Sarah Hakouz – Captain

- Zakariya Halloum – Vice Captain

- Fawzi Abu Swireh – SRC

Year 11 Boys

- Iyad Mohammed – Captain

- Muhammad Nachar – Vice Captain

- Adam Chahine – SRC

Year 11 Girls

- Sabrina Kfoury – Captain

- Sania Owais – Vice Captain

- Tania Diab – SRC

Year 12 Boys

- Muhammad Alwan – School Captain

- Numeer Imtiaz – Vice Captain

- Ahmad Walid Dabboussi – SRC

Year 12 Girls

- Danna Rajab – School Captain

- Nada Khaled – Vice Captain

- Mariam Abdullah – SRC

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