Welcome back Assembly 2020

On Thursday 30 January marked the first day back for primary and high school Al Amanah students. The College Principal Mr Ayman Alwan welcomed back all returning and new students, he spoke about the benefits of being a student at Al Amanah College and emphasised on the importance of studying and revising on a consistent basis to ensure they achieve their academic goals for 2020. Mr Alwan congratulated the 2019 cohort for their excellent results and wished the 2020 cohort the best of luck in their HSC this year.

This was followed by a religious lesson by the School captain Muhammad Alwan, who provided an insightful Islamic lesson about the importance of consistently doing good deeds with the proper intention for the sake of Allah. He stated people in the modern era have deprived themselves from many goodness due to their keenness to watch TV, go on social media and listening to that which that does not benefit them. He emphasised that one single good deed for example saying tasbih could erase more than that of the bad deeds.

The 2019 Al Amanah graduate Shadi Khaazal introduced the Al Amanah College Alumni Coaching Club - a new school tutoring initiative - which provides the students with afternoon tutoring services at Al Amanah College with selected high achieving 2019 HSC graduates.

The School Coordinators Mrs Dabboussi and Mrs Sahyouni addressed the students and reminded them of the school’s expectations, they highlighted the importance of students’ striving to achieve their growth stage, their academic and behaviour expectations throughout 2020.

On behalf of Al Amanah College, we wish all our students and their parents a very successful 2020. Looking forward to seeing everyone energised and motivated for the 2020 academic year.

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