Year 12 Graduation Ceremony – 2019

The year 12 Graduates of 2019 celebrated the end of their schooling careers on Friday 20 September. The Head Principal, Mr El Dana, The School’s Religious Advisor Shaykh Ibrahim El Shafie and the campus Principal, Mr Alwan, invited guests, parents and students were all present to congratulate the graduates on their successes. The school’s captains addressed the school as well as Year advisor Mrs Jenan El Ayoubi. The 2019 Year 12 cohort have demonstrated leadership and academic excellence as the senior students of Al Amanah College.

Al Amanah College congratulates the following award recipients:

Consistent Effort Awards - Selena Abu Lebdeh and Adam Taleb Hawchar

Achievement Awards - Kainaat Hameed, Mohamed Elmostafa Hamid and Rouhaifa Mariam Karime

Principal Awards - Shadi Khazaal and Mohab Aldeen Sidaoui

Special Achievement Awards 2019 - Most Dedicated student of year 12 - Mohamed Elmostafa Hamid

Innovation Award - Tamineh Saboune

Leadership Award - Mohab Aldeen Sidaoui

Most Outstanding Student of Year 12 - Fatima El Cheikh Khalil and Ali Dhafer Alaany

The Australian Defence Force- Long - Tan Leadership and teamwork Award - Bahaa Al-Kasem

USYD has a Future Leaders Scheme for School Captains - Bahaa Al-Kasem and Princess Zahab

USYD DUX - Ali Dhafer Alaany.

Age Champion - Bahaa Al-Kasem and Shams Kashashneh

Sports person of the year - Adel Kandakji and Fatima El Cheikh Khalil

School Captain Awards – Princess Zahab and Bahaa Al-Kasem

SRC Awards - Mohab Aldeen Sidaoui, Selena Abu Lebdeh and Tamineh Saboune.

The SRC of 2019 handed badges over to the 2020 SRC and welcomed them as the new leadership team, congratulations to:

2020 SRC members Ahmad Walid Dabboussi and Mariam Abdullah

2020 Vice Captains Numeer Imtiaz and Nada Khaled

School Captains for 2020 - Muhammad Salim Alwan and Danna Rajab

The graduating students commence their HSC Examination study break from 21 September and begin their HSC Examinations on 17 October. The graduates will now be engaged in refining their skills to successfully write their HSC examinations. All senior teachers at Al Amanah College look forward to providing ongoing feedback to the graduating class over the HSC study period.

A wonderful celebration that was enjoyed by all. We wish all the 2019 graduates the very best in the upcoming HSC Examinations. and hope to see you all bring many wonderful things back to your community in the future.


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