The Miracle of Al-Isra’ and Al-Mi^raj

 مدرسة الأمانة تهنىء الجميع بذكرى معجزة الإسراء والمعراج


The Miracle of Al-Isra’ and Al-Mi^raj


Friday 28 April 2017 / 1 Sha^aban 1438


Al Amanah College – Liverpool Campus successfully held an Islamic celebration on the occasion of the glorious miracle of Al Al-Isra’ and Al-Mi^raj.

The celebration began with a recitation from the Holy Qur’an, followed by a most enchanting Nawba sequence (traditional drumming).

Islamic chants were performed by both the year 6 classes and the Al Amanah boys Islamic chanting band and an enlightening lesson relating the events around the miracle of Al Al-Isra’ and Al-Mi^raj was delivered by Sheikh Samer Alshafie, this was followed by a Principal’s address to the school. Mr Alwan gave an insightful speech in which he spoke about the importance of celebrating such occasions, and in the end, he asked the students to repeat this year’s Slogan.

Sweets were offered to commemorate this great occasion, which had indeed delighted all.

We would like to extend our best wishes and congratulations to the Muslim community on this great occasion.


وبهذه المناسبة نتقدم من جميع أبناء أمتنا عمومًا وأبناء جاليتنا خصوصًا بأطيب الأمنيات وأعز التهاني سائلين الله تعالى التوفيق والسداد وأن يعيد علينا هذه الذكرى بالأمن والأمان والبركات.


وكل عامٍ وأنتم بخير

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