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Student Representative Council

The name of this organisation is the Al Amanah College Student Representative Council, which consists of the School Captains/Class Captain, Vice Captains, and a Year Representative, from each year.


The AL AMANAH Student Representative Council aims to:

  • Provide effective representation of students through communication with and between students, staff and the community
  • Develop leadership in representing the opinions, ideas and attitudes of students
  • Promote involvement in the school and its physical surroundings
  • Promote school and community spirit
  • Provide a forum for student opinions, ideas and attitudes
  • Encourage pride in achievement

The Role Of SRC

The Role Of The Al Amanah College Student Representative Council

Represent The School And Student Body

  • On School Council
  • On School management committees
  • At school and community events

Communicate And Liaise With

  • School and community
  • Students and staff
  • Students in their year at year meetings
  • School Council

Organise, Coordinate And Participate In

  • School and student activities
  • Fundraising and charity activities
  • Decision making activities

Assist In

  • School and community service.
  • School assemblies and special ceremonies.
  • Performing school duties.
  • Providing support to students wherever possible.



  • 32 members consisting of males and females elected by and from each year from academic Years 7 – 12.
  • One boy and girl School Captain/Class Captain elected from academic Year 7 -12 by each class.
  • One boy and girl Vice Captain elected from academic Year 7 -12 by each class.
  • One boy and girl Year Representative from academic Year 7 -12 by the whole school SRC Coordinator (teacher).
  • Student Representative Council members will be presented with badges, at an Induction Ceremony by the Principal, Deputy Principal, High School Coordinator and SRC Coordinator.

Termination Of Membership

  • Members will be removed from the Student Representative Council if the student is misbehaving or is constantly out of uniform.
  • If a member misses two meetings in a term, without apologies being given, they will be removed from the Student Representative Council.
  • The conditions above are guidelines. Any final decision regarding termination of membership can only be made by the Principal, Deputy Principal and High School Coordinator.

Student Representative Council Members Code Of Conduct

  • Full attendance at school
  • Compulsory attendance at school carnivals and special events
  • To wear full school uniform, including pins, at all times, and ties at official functions
  • Follow the school’s Welfare and Discipline Code
  • Student Representative Council members are role models and must act responsibly


  • Office bearers will be elected by the members of the Student Representative Council. A member can only hold one position at a time. A member can only hold a position for a maximum of two consecutive terms. School Captains, School Vice Captains and Senior Prefects hold positions on the Student Representative Council. Therefore, they cannot hold any other positions. However, Prefects are still able to hold other positions.


  • Chairs meetings effectively by following constitutional guidelines.
  • One of the School Captains will act as Chairperson.

Minutes Secretary

  • Arranges meeting time and notifies members.
  • Prepares the agenda for meetings.
  • Keeps a record of attendance at meetings.
  • Records the minutes of meetings.
  • Arranges photocopying and distribution of minutes.

Publicity Officer

  • Promotes the achievements and activities of the Student Representative Council through the school newsletter, the daily notices and school assembly.
  • Co-ordinates the promotion and advertisement of special events and activities organised and endorsed by the Student Representative Council.

Student Representative Council Executive

  • Consists of the SRC Coordinator, Minutes Secretary, Correspondence Secretary, Treasurer and year 12 School Captains

Correspondence Secretary

  • Clears the SRC pigeonhole.
  • Presents incoming correspondence and sends outgoing correspondence.


  • Must be a member in academic Years 10 -12.
  • Works with the SRC Coordinator, who will liaise with the school’s finance officer.
  • Keeps a record of bills, monies received and paid and bank balances.
  • Presents financial reports to meetings.
  • Investigates the cost of items and activities.
  • Collects and recovers money.
  • Completes financial orders.
  • Automatically a student member of the school’s Finance Committee.

Charities / Fundraising Officer

  • Two members – preferably one junior student and one senior student.
  • Co-ordinates the running of charity and fundraising events.


  • Captains, Vice Captains, Year Representative (SRC)
  • Elections of Captains, Vice Captains and Year Representative (SRC) is to take place no later than Week 3 of Term 1 each year.
  • Year advisors are to nominate 5 student of in their class. Nominees are to be given to SRC Coordinator, who will then approve them by the High School Coordinator.
  • Successful nominees to present a two minute speech on a specified topic, chosen in consultation with the High School Coordination, to their class. Order of nominees’ presentations to be determined by names being drawn from a hat in the presence of the nominees. Order of presentation to also appear on voting ballots.
  • Students are to vote during roll call and submit the year advisor.
  • Tallying to be done by the SRC Coordinator.
  • An assembly is to be called no earlier than the following morning to announce the positions.


  • The Student Representative Council is to meet once each week, during roll call.
  • A quorum for the meetings will be 50% of Student Representative Council members.
  • Each member of the Student Representative Council can cast one vote during meetings. Proxy votes will only be accepted with formal apologies. The SRC Coordinator and Leadership Coordinator do not hold voting rights.
  • Nominees will be interviewed by a panel of three (3) teachers. The High School Coordinator, Assistant High School Coordinator and the SRC Coordinator.
  • Votes will be decided by majority rules. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairperson will make the casting vote.
  • The Annual General Meeting is to be held as soon as possible after elections.


Committees within the Student Representative Council will be formed when necessary, to organise such activities as events and fundraising and will report progress at meetings.Four members (preferably two junior student and two senior student) of the Student Representative Council will be elected to each school management committee wherever needed such as:

  • Assessment and accreditation
  • Properties
  • Finance (one member to be the Treasurer)
  • Publicity
  • Curriculum
  • Professional development
  • Multicultural
  • Environment
  • Literacy

Student Representative Council members may hold only one position or belong to one management committee. Members may not belong to the same management committee for more than two consecutive terms.Student Representative Council members elected to other committees may be part of that committee for the duration that the committee exists


The Student Representative Council is responsible for all fundraising activities. The Student Representative Council will fundraise for a minimum of two charity organisations per year and a minimum of two major fundraising activities per year.

All individual fundraising activities in the school must be approved by the Student Representative Council where a percentage of the profits may be negotiated between the Student Representative Council and the fundraiser to be given to the Student Representative Council.

Meeting Procedure

  • Apologies
  • Items to be discussed
  • Correspondence
  • Minutes of previous meeting
  • Other business
  • Next meeting