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Liverpool Primary

Praise be to Allah the lord of the worlds. The One who has no beginning and no end and exists without a place. I ask Allah to raise the rank of our master Muhammad and raise the ranks of prophets Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Mousa, ^Isa, their righteous followers and companions.

Ayman Alwan

Liverpool Principal

Principal - Liverpool Primary

At Al Amanah College, we believe that a successful education is all about inspiration: inspired teaching to drive academic achievement, and responsible adult role modelling to encourage emotional intelligence. Al Amanah College is a non-selective co-educational, Islamic faith based college, catering for all grades from Kindergarten to Grade 12, offering NSW NESA approved curriculum respected for its relevance to today’s multicultural and increasingly global society. Our school is a contemporary and dynamic organisation, educating students from different backgrounds.


Our programmes feature an inquiry approach that aligns student interest with what they learn, thereby enriching their natural curiosity and promoting a love of learning. Those with a good knowledge understand intuitively that our approach is effective in promoting the development of 21stcentury skills, which lead to success in life and in the workplace. Our team of professional, experienced, skilled and motivated teachers model the attributes of the Learner Profile and encourage their proliferation within our student body. A strong sense of common purpose pervades our learning community.

“Choosing the right school to bring out the best in your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.”

Samaya Sahyouni

Liverpool Primary Coordinator

Coordinator Message - Liverpool Primary

The Primary School curriculum integrated educational programs from the six key learning areas outlined by NESA, integrating Arabic and religion studies into curriculum that allows students to reach their full potential. Our dedicated primary department includes staff for English, Arabic, Religion, PE and Learning Support.


Our primary programmes are well-structured and embed the explicit teaching model to increase the likelihood for student achievement. Assessments are regularly administered to analyse and evaluate student progress and teaching practices.


Our aim is to provide an educational experience where individual needs are met and for students to achieve their personal best in a positive learning environment. Community engagement and establishing a culture that fosters positive wellbeing for parents, teachers and students is a continual focus across the school setting, aligned with the values and ethos of the college.