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Participation in sport is considered as an important part of the educational philosophy at Al
Amanah. We cater for all levels in a wide variety of sports and the experiences gained in all
areas are supportive of the educational aims of the School.

What Sports Are Available?

Al Amanah students participate in one of a number of sports in each Term. Participating in a variety of recreational sports and competitions. Sports include Futsal, Soccer, NRL, Oz Tag, Basketball, Cricket, Netball, Volleyball, Swimming and Athletics.

Coaching And Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring of players is undertaken by Al Amanah’s highly skilled PDHPE Staff. They provide a balanced and well-delivered program to students at all ability levels in all sports. The enjoyment derived from participation in sport, and the improvement of skills, is paramount in all programs and goes hand in hand with the development of the traits of good sportsmanship, leadership and the appreciation of fair play in any contest, whether winning or losing.


At competition level our students have represented the school at State level for Futsal and NRL. Al Amanah has a proud tradition of success at the highest levels in most sports on offer.

In school sport is highly competitive but enjoyable for all students. The students have Sport Committee members representing them and play a role in which they assist the teachers with the set up and smooth running of sport on a weekly basis.

Sports Teams

Sport captains are assigned for each of the sporting teams:

  • Bradman
  • Lillee
  • Fraser
  • Newcombe

Students form a sense of fair sportsmanship each year as they belong to a sporting team for all in-school events.

Award Ceremonies

Throughout the year, students are selected based on a careful criteria based on carnival and in-school participation as an Age Champion and Sports Person of the year is presented with awards at all Presentation ceremonies.