The Governing Body of Al Amanah College, while responsible for the continuation of the School’s mission, vision and values, has a legal duty under the Education Act 1990 (NSW) to meet all its requirements in accordance with its most recent amendments. Over time, the Governing Body seeks to perpetuate the qualities necessary to ensure that the School remains true to these guiding principles.  Hence, when selecting new members, the first criterion must be that they support the School’s mission, vision and values, as currently expressed.


The Chairperson is responsible for the appropriate background checks to ensure that nominated members are of good character and that each qualifies as a “responsible person” as defined by the Act. The Board Members once nominated are called for a meeting where they are informed of their legal responsibilities, are issued with a copy of the Registered and Accredited Individual Non‐government Schools (NSW) Manual and sign all the necessary documents.

The Chairperson of Al Amanah School Board will provide and document the processes for providing a return to the NESA when changes occur as outlined in the Registered and Accredited Individual Nongovernment Schools (NSW) Manual in accordance with the processes in this policy for providing any return to NESA.


The Governing Body has a range of legal duties under the Education Act. While its general function it to detect, correct and protect, ultimately, the Governing Body has the general responsibility for the conduct of the School with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. Furthermore, the Governing Body is to ensure that the School's aims and ethos are carried out and implemented and to determine strategic objectives and direction of the School.


  • The role of the Governing Body is primarily concerned with the governance of the School, including such matters as long‐term financial planning, administrative policies and accountability.
  • The role of the Principal is as delegated by The Governing Body. The Principal is responsible for the management, day‐to‐day functioning and routine operations of the School. The Principal’s responsibilities also include such aspects as the School’s operation, curriculum implementation, teaching and learning programs, assessment, health and safety, student welfare, staff selection, supervision and professional development, registers of enrolment and daily attendance, maintenance of buildings, and management of facilities, resources and equipment.

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