Al Amanah College is a non-selective co-educational, Islamic faith based college, operating from two campuses, Bankstown: K-6 and Liverpool: K-12. The College is committed to pursuing academic excellence and the fostering of individual abilities in a caring and challenging educational environment.

The college was first established at Bankstown, where classes commenced with 88 students K-Yr3 in 1998 and from there the school grew rapidly. The Bankstown campus has now reached its maximum capacity with approximately 288 (K-6) students.

In 2002 the College grew further through the opening of the Liverpool Campus with 168 students, where secondary classes commenced with Yr7 then expanded to year 12 in 2007. The Liverpool Campus is located in the heart of Liverpool City catering for K-12 with approximately 600 primary and secondary students.

Our Islamic rich history

The school is multicultural, with almost 100% of students from language backgrounds other than English, predominately Arabic. As Arabic and Religious Studies form an integral part of our school curriculum, extra teaching staff for Arabic and Religion are employed for this purpose.

Parents and the local community are encouraged to support the school through participation in school programs and ongoing provision of additional school resources.

Al Amanah College is considered to be a major institution catering for the cultural needs of the Muslim community and a school that offers a diverse bilingual teaching curriculum. For this reason the college has become an attraction to parents who see in it a bright and distinguished future for their children.

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