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Message from the Principal of Al Amanah College Liverpool Campus

Praise be to Allah the lord of the worlds. The One who has no beginning and no end and exists without a place. I ask Allah to raise the rank of our master Muhammad and raise the ranks of prophets Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Mousa, ^Isa, their righteous followers and companions.

Secondary School students of Al Amanah College have progressed in leaps and bounds. Our students are growing in various ways. Our nurturing environment prepares our secondary students for any path they choose after their schooling years. For this reason, we believe that the courses students choose to undertake need to meet their interests as well as their abilities.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally congratulate all students who make the decision to continue their studies at our school. It is important that students understand and are prepared to take on the new load of work for their secondary school years. The scope of the subjects is much broader than those previously studied. More time and effort is expected of all students in all areas of study.

Students move through their stages of their education by:

  • Completing a program of subjects showing diligence and sustained effort to complete all tasks including classwork, homework and assessment tasks
  • Attending regularly
  • Building and consistently following a regular study pattern both inside and outside the classroom.

Every student must meet the requirements as set out in our school curriculum policies. Al Amanah College Secondary School, offers a broad range of elective subjects, tailored to extend students' learning experiences, tap into their interests and expand their horizons.

Students, parents and carers are encouraged to make elective choices knowing they will be studying their choices for two years. The best choices are based on:

  1. Future goals
  2. Abilities
  3. Interests
  4. Resources

It is recommended that choices are NOT based on

A perception that a subject will be easy
What friends are choosing
Expecting a certain teacher will be taking the class.

Students and parents should use the information provided to them through our curriculum handbook in conjunction with the Assessment Booklet. The curriculum booklet provides an outline of all the subjects we offer students. The subjects offered cover a wide spectrum of abilities and intelligences. Students and parents need to decide which subjects are most suitable for personal satisfaction, future academic career and job opportunities.

These next six years are a vital turning point in your education. I wish all students the best of luck in all subjects and all endeavours.

I thank you for your expression of interest in Al Amanah College and look forward to welcoming you and your family.More information about our school can be obtained from our webpage.
Thank you for visiting our webpage.

Ayman Alwan JP
B.Sc., Dip. Ed., M. Ed Admin (Hons)

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