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Faculty Vision And Rationale

Al Amanah College caters for all levels of Mathematics from Junior Mathematics to Mathematics Extension 2. Mathematics is an integral part of the HSC for most students across Australia and at Al Amanah College our goal is to deliver a strong education to all our students and a comprehensive coverage of these courses.


Within the Mathematics Faculty, courses running at Al Amanah College include:

  • Year 7-10 Mathematics
  • Mathematics General
  • Mathematics General 2
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Mathematics Extension 2

HSC preparation courses, teacher/student liaison and information and awareness sessions are offered to help students select the level of mathematics they wish to study in their senior years. The decision of the final selection will be made based on the performance of the student in stage 5.

General Mathematics is more generalised course in mathematics and consists of topics such as measurement, data analysis, financial mathematics, trigonometry, basic geometry and focus study modules. Student’s are advised to make careful and informed decisions about the level of mathematics they wish to undertake, as certain university courses may require pre-requisite levels of Mathematics e.g extension 1 mathematics or higher.

Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2 Mathematics courses are primarily calculus based courses. Students will cover a range of topics including Differentiation, Integration, Exponentials & Logarithms as well as Series and Probability. Calculus, the Binomial Theorem, Permutations & Combination, Locus and Induction are heavily emphasised in the Extension 1 Mathematics course.

The Extension 2 Mathematics Course is undertaken by students who exhibit a very high level of independence and aptitude for studying Mathematics. Extension 2 students will cover topics which include Complex Numbers, Conics, Physical Aspects of Mathematics, Volumes and Complex graphs.

Parent Partnership

Parents are invited to make appointments to speak to our teachers for further information or advice regarding mathematics levels or HSC Mathematics curriculum structure.