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Parental Code Of Conduct

This Code has been developed so that parents and those with parental responsibilities are aware of and meet the College’s expectations with regard to their interaction with the College, its teachers, other parents and students. Adherence to this Code is important to promote positive and productive relationships and for the respect and safety of all within the College Community.


The College is responsible for establishing and administering the policies, procedures and rules that govern the day-to-day operations of the College. Policies regarding student behaviour, uniform, grooming, assessment and classroom learning expectations are clearly stated in the College students information handbook and/or in the assessment handbook.


The College expects students to comply with its rules and not engage in behaviour which is harmful to others or is contrary to the ethos and philosophy of the College. Parents are expected to support the College in relation to its discipline policy and not do anything, which undermines its authority. In the case of low level disciplinary matters resulting in teacher intervention, an appropriate consequence will be issued. In medium level disciplinary matter parents will be notified of the consequence through verbal or written means. In both cases the College will be the arbiter of what is a fair punishment and will not engage in debate about the appropriateness of the consequence.

In relation to high level disciplinary matters which may result in suspension or expulsion, the College will inform parents of the matter which will be dealt with in accordance with the College’s Disciplinary Policy. While parents will be consulted, the final decision will be the College’s.

Appropriate Contact With The College

  • The College conducts regular meetings between staff and parents at which the student’s progress can be discussed. There may be other times when a parent or a staff member requests a meeting to discuss particular issues that may arise during the course of a student’s
  • If a parent wishes to meet with a staff member, they should make an appointment so that a mutually convenient time can be
  • Parents should never attempt to contact a staff member at their home or via their personal mobile.
  • Parents should avoid raising important school issues with staff at College events. These matters should be addressed through the use of
  • Parents also can make an appointment to see the Principal about any particular concerns they have relating to their son or daughter, after utilizing the appropriate channels. It will be more effective to raise these concerns at the appropriate level e.g. Roll Call Teacher, Coordinator etc.
  • It is important that parents show respect for staff and not criticize them or seek to undermine their authority within the community. If a parent has a particular concern about a member of staff, they can raise it with the staff member concerned, their Coordinator, a Curriculum Coordinator or a member of the Leadership Team including the
  • It is unreasonable to expect staff to respond after 4pm on weekdays and/or on weekends and during the


If a parent has a concern about an issue, this should be directed to the Year Advisor, Classroom teacher or to the particular Coordinator responsible for the specific area of activity.

If a parent wishes to express a concern, they should not use rude or abusive language. All important concerns should be communicated in writing to ensure appropriate tracking and clarity of intent and understanding.

Communication whether verbal or in writing with all members of the College Community (E.g. teachers, administration staff, other parents or students) should:

  • Show respect, courtesy and consideration;
  • Not harass or bully another person;
  • Not use intemperate language;
  • Not be confrontationist.

If a matter cannot be resolved via e-mail, an appointment should be made with the appropriate staff member. Extended use of emails can exacerbate a situation rather than resolve it.

Social media should not be used to criticize or denigrate others in the College Community.

Throughout the day staff are engaged in teaching and learning and therefore are unable to respond immediately. Staff will attempt to reply to all communications within 48 hours. In the event of an emergency, parents need to contact the General Office.


Parents are welcome to attend Co-curricular events, but should exercise restraint when supporting school teams and groups. In particular, they should not abuse, threaten or otherwise seek to intimidate an umpire or referee, or to direct abuse against a player, any member of the opposition, or any College representative.

The sports teachers/coaches at the College pick teams and groups based on their view of the most appropriate selection at the relevant time. If a parent has a concern in regards to the selection process of the team/group, parents are encouraged to contact the Sports Coordinator.

Diverse Family Structure

The College is aware that some students have parents that are separated, divorced or have dual parent/guardian arrangements. In these cases, families should not attempt to involve the College in any family dispute that may arise. The College is not able to make judgments on the merits of claims made by one parent against another and should not be asked to do so. Nor should it be asked to take any action, which is designed to disadvantage one party. The College will observe any orders made by a court in relation to a student, payment of fees or communication with parents.

Communication with parents will follow the protocol established via the Registrar and recorded on the College database. Parents have the responsibility to keep the College up to date.

Failure To Observe This Code

If a parent fails to observe this Code after being warned about a breach, the College may:

  • limit access to a staff;
  • limit access to the school premises or sporting or other College events; or
  • terminate the enrolment of the