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Science And Technology

Science is an important part of the curriculum at Al Amanah College.

Science at Al Amanah College is guided by the Australian Science Curriculum with its emphasis on inquiry based teaching and learning. The students’ scientific literacy is developed using a variety of resources including Primary Connections.


Primary Connections focuses on developing student’s knowledge, skills, understanding and capacities in both science and literacy through working cooperatively in teams through a process of engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate.

Students take part in a large variety of competitions and challenges designed to take their science skills to the next level.


At Al Amanah College our science lessons develop student’s skills of working scientifically as they undertake investigations and communicate their understanding and scientific findings.

Through these interactive activities students are engaged in their learning, encouraged to explore, given the opportunity to explain their findings while evaluating and assessing science activities.

Our science curriculum provides our students the opportunity to identify and investigate questions while making evidence based conclusions. Within these lessons, our students learn to investigate in a fun and interactive environment.