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Secondary School

This section is a page that introduces the secondary school.

This section is a page that introduces the secondary school. People should click on this page before seeing all other subjects: The Secondary school at Al Amanah prides itself on leadership and teamwork. Teachers and students work together to form consistency and growth to achieve the school’s vision. At Al Amanah, we take advantage of our leading edge in being a K-12 school. Students are transitioned into high school in order to have the best possible education.

Our teaching team consists of highly experienced teachers who many have 15 years + experience in the Education field. Given the wealth of knowledge and experience, these teachers recognise the need as well as the benefits of constant professional learning. The competitive edge that we have is that we work as a team, regardless of faculties and subject expertise, all our teachers see the importance of bringing a student into year 7 and nurturing the learning of the student. We ensure that skills and knowledge are taught in sequence and according to skills base.

In addition to a great team of teachers, we have students who work together with their advisors and subject teachers to have their own individual vision and short term goals. Not only do students learn to set personal and holistic goals; students learn to become results driven. They learn to analyse their own abilities and results in order to re-assess their own learning and strategies they employ for learning.

The culture at Al Amanah is one that brings out the best in people. Our aim is to drive everyone to reach their full potential and use their skills in their future.