Alumni Iftar Dinner 2024

On the 3rd of April, the first official Al Amanah College Alumni Iftar was held, drawing together generations of graduates, families, and esteemed community members. The foyer of the Grand Hall buzzed with sincere joy as attendees spanning from the inaugural group who graduated in 2007 to the most recent graduates in 2023 filled the room. Conversations were filled with shared memories, congratulations for achievements, and joyful reunions with cherished teachers from their school days. The event began with warm welcomes extended to all attendees initiated by the Emcee Hani Skaf. Continuing with the Alumni theme, the Qur’an was then recited by graduate Mohammad Mahfoud.

This was followed by a heartwarming speech presented by Mr Ayman Alwan who reflected on the vision of Al Amanah, established in 1998, and honored the legacy of the late Hajj Muhammad El Dana, the school’s founding principal. There were heartfelt tributes to individuals like Deputy Principal Hajjeh Nafisa Mehio and the Liverpool Campus’s first Deputy Principal, Hajj Wissam Saad, for their significant contributions. Mr Alwan reminisced about the school’s growth, from its early years to the establishment of the high school in 2002.

The formation of the Al Amanah College Alumni marked a milestone, recognising the impact of past graduates and their ongoing role in shaping the institution. Attendees were encouraged to give back to the community and support each other, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

The event then continued with a special lesson presented by graduate Sheikh Mahmoud Alwan who spoke of the importance of seeking the religious knowledge and valuing the endowments that have been bestowed upon us.

To bring 17 years of memories together a nostalgic video was played which had attendees reflecting on the memories they hold from their time at Al Amanah College.As the evening progressed, attendees mingled and shared experiences, with graduates offering guidance and support to recent alumni. The event concluded with prayers for those facing hardships, particularly the Palestinian people, and wishes for continued success and prosperity for the alumni community.

Overall, the first Alumni Iftar Night was a memorable occasion, highlighting the enduring legacy of Al Amanah College and the continued commitment of its alumni to making a positive impact in their communities.