SRC meeting with the Principal

The Student Representative Council (SRC) of 2019 are playing an important and active role in the school community. The SRC works as an advocate for the needs of the school community, and as a point of contact between the student body and the school. This is effectively achieved through primary and secondary students attending a morning meeting with the College principal Mr Ayman Alwan. The main objective of the meeting was for both Primary and Secondary SRC to provide a termly overview of the various activities the SRC have been actively involved in and to deliver important suggestions from their cohort about implementing new initiatives within the school. This meeting was highly successful, and we have some exciting upcoming community-based events and initiatives.
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Year Six Bike Safety Centre Visit

What a fantastic day!!! Year Six had a fabulous day learning about bike helmet and pedestrian safety at the Campbelltown Bike Safety Centre. The day was full of excitement as students rode their bikes around a designated track and had an opportunity to hold a license whilst they followed the road rules. Part of the program was to educated students about hazards and risks on the road and how rules can affect their everyday lives. Students also got an opportunity to ride during a 'Double Demerits' blitz as both teachers and parents ensured they were riding their bikes according to the rules. We would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Kanj for helping out on the day. Grade Six Teachers
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SRC Leadership Seminar 2

The Liverpool Campus primary and secondary SRC students and their respective families were invited to attend the second SRC Leadership Seminar on 14 June 2019. Imam Shaykh Amr Alshelh Al-Azhary who provided the parents and SRC students with important religious insight on the qualities and characteristics of a being a leader and role model within the school and wider community. Imam Alshelh gave many scenarios as to how we should treat others no matter how we are being treated. How we should treat our parents, teachers, friends, neighbours and the general public. Imam Alshelh also emphasized on the importance of friendship and warned from the dangers of evil friends. Hence it is important to follow in the path of the significant Islamic figures and display the best of characteristics in order to provide an ongoing leadership commitment within the school community. The students thoroughly enjoyed the lesson, and may Allah reward the SRC students for their dedication and commitment towards the betterment of the school community. After the seminar, Imam Alshelh listened to some of the parents’ concerns and feedback while enjoying some light refreshments. We are looking forward to Seminar #3 that will be held during the third term. We hope to see more parents at these events insha’Allah.
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Year 10 Subject Selection Session

Year 10 student and parent’s subject selection session was held on the 13 June 2019. The information session provided parents and students with information pertaining to the transition of 2019 Year 10 students to senior school in 2020. The College principal Mr Ayman Alwan welcomed and addressed the parents and guests for attending the information session. The High School Coordinator highlighted the importance of Year 10 students successfully completing their HSC all my work program with NESA in order for students in senior years clearly understanding and appreciate the requirements involved in undertaking assessments of learning in the Year 11 and Year 12 courses. Work experience in year 10, corptraining and mock interviews program details were elaborated upon to highlight the initiatives undertaken by the college to develop Year 10 communication skills necessary for not only studies in the Stage 6 courses but also for the job market should students seek part-time employment while completing their senior years of schooling. The Curriculum Coordinator provided attendees with information to help students and parents make wise decisions regarding course selection in Year 11. Students were encouraged to think about career aspirations in the long term while making their subject selections for studies in 2020 keeping in mind the job market of the future. Assessments in the senior school and the process of grading (internal assessment and HSC assessment and ATAR) was also highlighted by Mrs. Kasem so that parents and students understand the importance of planning and goal setting in schooling. The session concluded with parent teacher meeting which further strengthens communication between the college and the community. Attendance to information sessions undertaken by Al Amanah aim to facilitate effective communication with parents and students so that the college is in a position to enable the achievement of the best outcomes of…
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