2023 HSC Results

Al Amanah College is so proud of the 2023 Graduates! They have worked well throughout the year in order to achieve outstanding results. The students displayed perseverance, dedication and above all a high level of leadership in everything they did, as evidenced by the results they achieved.

Results include:

• 4 Band 6 results in the HSC courses

Moreover, it is also very pleasing to note:

• 48 Band 5 results in HSC courses

• 2 E3 in the HSC Extension courses.

A school that is built on community, culture and integrity, this year’s cohort have displayed the leadership skills necessary to contribute back into the community as many of them hope to do. A well-known tradition at Al Amanah is to grow and learn the skills needed to bring back to the next generation. The collective achievement of this graduating class shows that it is more than just results that make the difference. All the students have grown, developed and achieved in all aspects of their character which is demonstrated through their integrity and pride in their school.

The following students have attained outstanding results:

Yusuf Khazma, Mohamad Abdo, Omar Alwan, Ahmad Mansi, Yousef Hakouz, Malaak Alawieh, Kawthar Aldhalimi, Siham Nachar, Reyan Baig, Rabia Imtiaz, Davin Saleh

The HSC class will matriculate to university studies in 2024. The students received offers of admission into their preferred courses in universities well before the release of the HSC results and ATAR. All the students have received offers of acceptance into various Universities in courses such as Business, Engineering, Computing, Law, Healthcare, Nursing, Sciences and various fields in Humanities such as teaching. We look forward to having many of these student return to become successful teachers! A tradition that Al Amanah has become well-known for!

On a personal note, the Principal, Mr Ayman Alwan and staff of the College would like to express their warmest congratulations to the Year 12 Graduates of 2023 and wish them success in their academic pursuits at university.