25 Successful Years at Al Amanah College!

25 Years of Academic Excellence, 25 Years of Wisdom & Positivity, 25 Years of Integrity & Compassion, 25 Years of Work Ethic & Commitment.

The Values that established our School remain the cornerstone, guiding us through the Past, Present, and Future. Success Through Knowledge has profoundly shaped numerous lives and remains instrumental in shaping our entire school community. Emotions ran high, a blend of feelings, as the anticipation and excitement for this event buzzed in the air. A multitude gathered, uniting to acknowledge and celebrate the greatness of this establishment.

Al Amanah College celebrated on Saturday 25th November 2023, its 25th anniversary of its founding, in the presence of a large gathering of politicians, ministers, MPs, public members, religious leaders, our students’ families, in addition to a significant number of members from the Muslim community.

The official celebration commenced in the VIP lounge with a beautiful recitation from the Holy Qur’an, by Mr. Mahmoud Aboud, followed by Mrs Mariam Saad (an Al Amanah College graduate) who sang the Australian national anthem.

Then, the Chairman of Darulfatwa Islamic High Council of Australia Dr. Sheikh Salim Alwan Al-Hussainiyy delivered a speech highlighting the importance of learning and teaching obligatory religious knowledge, as well as adhering to the path and teachings of the noble Prophet Muhammad, “Peace be upon him”. Dr. Alwan emphasised the significance of the beneficial worldly sciences taught at Al Amanah College. Additionally, he expressed gratitude to the school staff, executives and administration for their significant efforts in preserving pure and genuine Islamic teachings.

Then, the President of the Islamic Charitable Projects Association in Australia, Hajj Mohammed Mehio delivered an impactful speech, expressing gratitude to the Muslim community for their continuous support to Al Amanah College. In a heartfelt reflection on past events, Hajj Mohammed added that: “we commemorate the profound impact and unwavering dedication of two remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on our institution—Hajjeh Nafisa Mehio and Hajj Mohamad El Dana. Their memory resonates profoundly within our institution, and as we reflect on their invaluable contributions, we extend our deepest gratitude and honour their enduring impact. May Allaah bestow His mercy upon these exceptional individuals whose dedication and influence continue to enrich our school’s legacy.”

Al Amanah extends its gratitude to the distinguished guest speakers, acknowledging their invaluable contributions in addressing our community members. The MPs for Bankstown and Holsworthy, Minister Jihad Dib and Mrs. Tina Ayyad respectively, along with MP Charishma Kaliyanda for Liverpool, Mayor Ned Mannoun of Liverpool Council, and AISNSW Associate Chief Executive for School Operations and Governance, Cathy Lovell, were warmly thanked for their participation. They also extended their congratulations to Al Amanah College for its excellent work and service to the community over the past 25 years, offering heartfelt wishes for continued success in the future.

The Keynote address by Al Amanah College Chairman, Sheikh Fawaz Abboud highlighted the spirit of innovation and curiosity that defines the school community.

The official celebration was followed by a public event with the community in the college’s Grand Hall, commencing with a beautiful recitation of selected verses from the Holy Qur’an, delivered by year 10 graduate Amaan Shah. Following this, the school’s choir delivered a splendid performance, singing both the National Anthem and the school’s anthem. Then, we were honoured by the esteemed Sheikh Mahmoud Alwan (an Al Amanah College graduate) who delivered a religious lecture emphasising the importance of learning and teaching the obligatory knowledge in religion. His integrity as a Graduate student at Al Amanah College and his perseverance in seeking the Religious knowledge are of great benefit to us all. This was followed by a visual presentation through a video showcasing the school’s activities and its developmental stages.

Then the highlight of the afternoon for all was ‘Our Story’ – a poem that encapsulates the essence true school spirit. The mixture of emotions from all in the room was felt as the timeline of events was told through the eyes of a group of representatives of our school who all hold the true cause and pure intentions in their hearts. A true encapsulation of those who all formed a part of a whole story – The Al Amanah journey of 25 Years!

Mr. Ayman Alwan, the Principal of the school, was called onto the stage, extending a sincere and heartfelt welcome to the distinguished guests present, including students, parents, teachers, Al Amanah graduates, and all attendees. He

expressed profound gratitude for their presence at this significant celebration—the 25th Anniversary of Al Amanah College. Mr. Alwan highlighted the day as a remarkable occasion where we come together under the banner of “Al Amanah College – Shaping Lives.” He emphasised that this theme signifies our core objective—not solely centred on delivering top-tier education but committed to positively influencing lives, nurturing young minds, and instilling values of responsibility, integrity, and community. This embodies our dedication to not just educate students but to foster their growth into conscientious future citizens.

During the event, Mr. Ayman Alwan, the School’s Principal, presented Recognition Awards as tokens of tributes and appreciation, and acknowledgement to: The late Hajjeh Nafisa Mehio, the late Hajj Muhammad El Dana, the late Yehya Abdullah and the late Wissam Hamze – “ may Allaah bestow His mercy upon them all”, Hajj Muhammad Mehio, Dr Sheikh Salim Alwan, Dr Ghayath Alshelh OAM, Sheikh Bilal Homaysi, Mr Mohamad Chams, Hajj Muhammad Sabbagh, Hajj Omar Taiba, Sheikh Ibrahim Al Shafie, Mr Wissam Saad, Mrs Tina Ayyad, Ms Charishma Kaliyanda, Ms Cathy Lovell and Mayor Ned Mannoun

The following staff members received service awards in recognition for their years of service:

5 years of Service:

Eman Alshafie, Zahra Al Amiri, Nawall El Sabbagh, Joumana El Atchan, Mariam Haddad and Haybat Abdel Aal.

10 years of service:

Nadine El Masri, Samiha El About and Nisrine El Hashmawi.

15 years of service:

Sheikh Amr Alshelh, Sawsan El Hawat, Jameel Homouda, Elizabeth Sarah Najafi, Jenan Krisaty and Maha Mouhajer.

20 years of service:

Dalal Saad, Sheikh Chadi Al Kasem, Marwan Hamouda, Lubaba Dabboussi, Hanan Dabboussi and Hajj Ayman Alwan.

Towards the end of the event, Sheikh Bilal Homaysi stepped onto the stage and offered a heartfelt supplication to the Muslim community. He prayed and supplicated for everyone present and for our Muslim brothers and sisters enduring hardships, especially in the Middle East, particularly in Palestine. May Allaah have mercy on those who lost their lives and safeguard our Muslim brothers and sisters from all harm.

As the evening wrapped up, everyone embraced the blessed atmosphere, taking the opportunity for reunions, especially among graduates who stand as a testament to the school’s excellence over the years.

Al Amanah College provided the community with an evening of entertainment. The school’s playground was transformed into an area with coffee, sweets and photo booths where more memories were captured and treasured.

A journey of success and decades of dedication we have seen from staff, students and teachers over the years which has shaped so many of us. Al Amanah stands strong together!

May Allaah protect our school, its staff and students, who have nurtured generations and shielded them from extremism and straying away from the righteous path.