Year 12 Graduation Ceremony 2023

The eagerly awaited Year 12 2023 graduation ceremony took place on Friday 15 September at the Grand Hall of the Liverpool Campus. Teachers, parents, students, and community members came together to honour the outstanding accomplishments of the 2023 cohort. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all Year 12 students for successfully concluding their 13-year educational voyage. The 2023 Year 12 class has shown remarkable resilience and a positive attitude throughout their academic journey, and we are immensely proud of them.

The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome from our School Vice Captains, Yousef Hakouz and Samira Eid, who graciously greeted all the attendees. Following this, Principal Mr. Ayman Alwan delivered an insightful address, highlighting the commendable accomplishments of the 2023 cohort and emphasising the value of the educational experience at Al Amanah College. Mr. Alwan also paid tribute to Hajj Muhammad El Dana and his enduring legacy, which has enabled the children of our community to thrive beyond the confines of Al Amanah College. Subsequently, Dr Sheikh Salim Alwan – Chairman of Darulfatwa Islamic High Council took the stage to impart a thought-provoking religious lesson, expressing gratitude for the Islamic guidance that Al Amanah imparts to its students.

Liverpool City Council Mayor Ned Mannoun presented an address that underscored the sense of community in Liverpool and the significance of embracing multiculturalism. School Captain Siham Nachar was then invited to the stage, where she delivered an endearing and engaging speech that beautifully encapsulated the high school journey and praised the qualities of her fellow students and educators. Following Siham, School Captain Omar Alwan delivered an eloquent speech in Arabic, emphasising the value of the Arabic language, a focus at Al Amanah. This was succeeded by a speech from Liverpool’s Member of Parliament, Ms. Charishma Kaliyanda, who emphasized the importance of the educational experience.

The concluding speech of the evening was given by Year 12 Advisor Mrs. Zahra Al Amiri, who delivered a touching and heartfelt address. She recounted cherished moments from the students’ high school experience and highlighted the distinctive qualities of each member of the 2023 cohort that will be fondly remembered.

Following this, Secondary School Coordinator Mrs. Lubaba Dabboussi took the stage to announce the recipients of the achievement awards and distribute graduation certificates and portfolios to the students.

Congratulations to the following:

Consistent Effort Awards

Davin Saleh

Nasra Marabani

Achievement Awards

Omar Alwan

Yousef Hakouz

Siham Nachar

Principal Awards

Mohamad Abdo

Yusuf Khazma

Kawthar Aldhalimi

1st Place Subject Achievement Awards

English Adv – Kawthar Aldhalimi

English Std – Maysa Ibrahim

Mathematics Adv – Ahmad Mansi

Mathematics Std – Dalia Diab

Mathematics Extension – Ahmad Mansi

Modern History – Yousef Hakouz

Visual Arts – Dora Rajab

Biology – Yusuf Khazma

Economics – Siham Nachar

IT Graphics – Amani Ibrahim

Chemistry – Yusuf Khazma

Geography – Siham Nachar

Arabic – Kawthar Aldhalimi

Business Studies – Omar Alwan

PDHPE – Yusuf Khazma

Special Achievement Awards 2023

Most Dedicated student of year 12: Dora Rajab

Innovation Award: Ziyad Mohammad

Leadership Award : Siham Nachar

ADF Awards

The Australian Defence Force- Long – Tan Leadership and teamwork Award: Omar Alwan

Defence Force Future Innovators Award: Maysa Ibrahim

Mentor Awards

Siham Nachar

Maysa Ibrahim

Yousef Hakouz

Yusuf Khazma .

Nasra Marabani

Sports Awards

Sports person of the year

Mustapha Al Hafedh

Age Champion

Yousef Hakouz

School Captain Awards

SRC members – Maysa Ibrahim and Ziyad Mohammad

Vice Captains – Samira Eid and Yousef Hakouz

School Captains – Siham Nachar and Omar Alwan

The 2023 graduates received their certificates, a trophy, and a small token of appreciation from the school. Heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2023!

Next, the 2023 Year 12 video was screened, offering a delightful blend of beautiful memories and moments from the students’ high school journey, evoking both entertainment and emotions. As the evening approached its conclusion, a delightful surprise performance by Hajj Khaled Al Atyar and Hajj Adam Ali was unveiled, eliciting excitement and filling the room with his captivating talent. We eagerly anticipate more performances like this at the upcoming Mawlid Celebration at Sydney Olympic Park on the 24th of September.

On behalf of the staff, students, and parents of Al Amanah College, we extend our warmest congratulations to the 2023 Year 12 class and wish each student abundant success in their HSC results and all their future endeavors.