Year 7 – 9 Presentation Day 2023

On Thursday 30th of November 2023, Al Amanah College held the Year 7 – 9 Awards Presentation Ceremony in the Liverpool campus Grand Hall. This was to celebrate the achievements of the 2023 Year 7-9 cohort, who have demonstrated ongoing leadership, and academic excellence

The Year 7 – 9 Presentation Day was divided into year groups beginning with Year 7, then year 8 and then followed by Year 9. Year 9 student Lana Awad was the MC who opened the assembly by introducing Year 9 student Leen Mansi for a beautiful Quranic recitation. Principal Mr Ayman Alwan was welcomed to the stage and delivered a speech congratulating the award winners and encouraging students to remain focused on their goals. Following this, Sheikh Samer Alshafie delivered an insightful religious lesson for each of the year groups. The School Video was then presented which celebrated and highlighted the school’s progress and achievements over the past 25 years. Year 9 Arabic student Yara Mhalhal then delivered an Arabic speech, which was followed by the SRC video projection showing the organised events by the SRC this year.

The ceremony then ended with the most eagerly anticipated event, which was the award ceremony highlighting student’s achievements from across the year 7 to 9 cohort based on either their academic, sporting and extra-curricular participation. Congratulations to the following:

The Orbispace Initiative

Kenzie Ataia, 

Raghd Mhimid

Haya Mhimid

Sherin El Ghourani

Lillia Mattar

Zona Hassan

Mariah El Bandar

Jannah Arnaout

Zahra Alsawafi

English Awards

Year 7- Elias El-Saj

Year 8- Mouhammad Al Boustani

Year 9- Omar Zein

Arabic Award

Year 7 – Karima Alshelh and Mohammad Sidaoui

Year 8 – Nour Kfoury and Mohammed Kassem

Year 9 – Ruqayah El Omari and Leen Mansi

Values Award

Mohammad Ghannoum 7B

Nadima Elniz  7G

Yara Hoblos 7M

Hassan Elrashid 8B

Meena Sulaiman 8G

Samar  Anis 8M

Salim   Alwan 9B

Tamineh Refaieh 9G

Sports Awards


Year 7 Sportsperson – Samir Moksasi

Year 8  Sportsperson – Moustafa Ahmad

Year 9 Sportsperson – Koda Tebbo


Year 7 Sportsperson – Diana El Masri

Year 8 Sportsperson – Celine Alawieh

Year 9 Sportsperson – Aminah Babba


Year 7 Age Champion – Laith Eid

Year 8 Age Champion – Mohammad Al Boustani

Year 9 Age Champion – Zayd Obeid & Galeb El-Hussien


Year 7 Age Champion – Paris El Wazzi

Year 8 Age Champion – Mariah El Bandar

Year 9 Age Champion – Maysaloun Hammoud

Choir and chanting band


Rabi El Halbouni 8B

Mohammad Kassem 8B

Ahmad Abdullah 8B

Meena Sulaiman 8G

Noor Kfoury 8G

Maysaloun Hammoud 9G

Zona Hasan 8G

Chanting Band:

Girls Singers:

Lana Awad 9G  

Leen Mansi 9G 

Yara Mhalhal 9G 

Melissa Khazaal 10M2 

Jinaan El Baba 8G 

Iman Dabbousi 8G 

Boy Drummers:

Ghazi Rifi

Fawaz Jamous

Issac Chamma

Year 7 Consistent Effort Awards

Afiya Rehman 7G

Aseel Diab 7G

Muhammad Ayan 7M

Mohamed Al-Khair 7M

Dalia Matar 7M

Hanan El-Sayed

Year 8 Consistent Effort Awards

Aliyah Kassem 8G

Rami Al-Saeedi 8B

Omar Kabbout 8M

Eve Mary Hijazi 8G

Kenzie Sirelkhtim Ataia 8M

Mustafa Ahmed 8M

Year 9 Consistent Effort Awards

Iman Rifi 9G

Amar Khashashneh 9G

Lana Awad 9G

Muhannad Mouslemani 9B

Fawaz  Jamous 9B

Achievement Awards

Year 7 Achievement Awards

Karima Alshelh 7G

Sewar  Mansi  7M

Elias    Halabi 7B

Rahaf  Hassan 7M

Rokaya Abdallah 7G

Maryam Nemer 7G

Year 8 Achievement Awards

Lammar Eid    8G

Sarim  Aamir 8M

Sama   Khashashneh   8G

Yamen Al-Tarazi 8M

Zahra   Alsawafi 8M

Malek  Babti   8M

Sherin  El-Ghourani    8M

Year 9 Achievement Awards

Leen Mansi 9G

Moustafa Darwich 9B

Yara Mhalhal 9G

Aisha Bilajac 9G

Zaara Yassir 9G

Bashir Kamal 9B

Year 7 Principal Awards

Ibrahim Alshafie 7B

Huda Khan 7G

Leena Dhafer Alaany 7M

Year 8 Principal Awards

Hamsa Radwan 8G

Noor Kfoury 8G

Batoul Kazemi 8M

Mohammad Kassem 8B

Mohamad Al-Boustani 8B

Year 9 Principal Awards

Omar Zein 9B

Rama Dannoun 9G

Most Outstanding Awards

Year 8

Marwan El Sayed

Year 9

Ruqayah El Omari

Ampol Best Junior Best All Rounder

Ruqaya El Omari